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Discontinued Model

Acme Juicer

Centrifgal Non-Ejection type juicers are no longer being manufactured.

Mastication juicers operate at a lower RPM so there is less heat, friction and oxidation in the juicing process. This gives you juice that is higher in nutrient value: greater vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and live enzymes.

Also it has greater versitality, meaning it will juice leafy greens and wheatgrass as well as all hard fruits and vegetables.


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Replacement Parts Available

Acme Juicer
See Acme filter liners, blades and clutch nut replacement parts below.


Optional Filters for
Acme Juicer
Models 5001 & 6001

Filter Liners
Easy Clean Up
200 per Pack

Acme Juice Filters

Filters make your Acme Juicer Model 5001 or 6001 simple and easy to clean. Just line the inner strainer basket with the filters before juicing. Made from non-bleached cellulose fiber, the filter liners make removing the pulp from the strainer basket quick and easy.

Minimum Purchase is 3 Packages
(600 filters total)
Price: $35.85

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Replacement Parts

  Replacement Blade for Acme Model 6001 or Model 5001
Price: $49.95

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Replacement Clutch for Acme Model 6001 or Model 5001
(Spring Clutch Nut - Holds Blade in place.)
Price: $11.95

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