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Air Oasis Mobile Air Purifier
Air Purifier and Surface Sanitizer in one unit
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The Air Oasis 175 Mobile Air Purifier is designed to keep odors and other harmful contaminants at bay in small areas.

This versatile unit allows for multiple applications such as in your vehicle, on vacation, in hotels, at the office,
in your RV or at home for bedrooms, dens, etc.

The Air Oasis Mobile 175 air purifier provides all the same great benefits as the larger models, but in a much smaller package.

The Mobile 175 Air Purifier also provides a convenient solution to purifying your air while traveling.

This compact unit fits easily into baggage so you don't have to worry about the air in your hotel room while away from home. Contains the same great AHPCO Cell technology as the larger units, but in a much more compact package that covers up to 175 square feet.

Air Oasis Features:

  • 12VDC car adapter (included in price)
  • 110VAC wall adapter (included in price)
  • Indicator lights
  • 3 ion output settings
  • 3 fan speed settings
    Covers up to 175 sq. ft.
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Padded carrying case (included in price)
  • Four technologies
    • Nano Nickel HCT PCO technology
    • Germicidal UVC light
    • Ion generator
    • Washable stainless steel filter
  • Removable mounting bracket
  • Low maintenance
  • 1 year warranty

Air Oasis Benefits:

  • Eliminates odors - smoke odors, pet odors, fast food odors, exhaust odors and more...
  • Quickly reduces contaminants - dust, allergens, mold, bacteria, viruses, VOCs
  • Versatile unit allows for multiple applications in your vehicle, on vacation, in hotels, at the office, in your RV, at home.
  • When traveling, upon arrival to your hotel destination, simply change the plug from the 12V car adapter to the 110V wall adapter, and in seconds, you have a fully functional room air purifier and surface sanitizer. Imagine the protection you’ll have against the germs and viruses left behind, by the hundreds that have slept there before you.
  • Energy efficient
  • Thin compact design allows for multiple placement options and the carrying case make the Air Oasis Mobile Sanifier the best solution available for use in your vehicle, or as a small room air purifier. (A Sanifier is an air purifier and a surface sanitizer combined in one unit.)

Air Oasis Air Purifiers are
made in the USA.

Air Oasis Mobile Air Purifier

The Air Oasis Mobile 175
Air Purifier provides a convenient solution to purifying your air
while traveling.

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet powerful enough to remove the lingering smell of smoke, stale or new car odors, and destroys harmful smog and exhaust fumes in your car while you’re driving.

Air Oasis Air Purifier
Model AO Mobile 175
Covering 175 sq. ft.

Price: $199.00
Free Shipping*

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  • Dimensions: 6.6" L x 4.37" W x 1.44" H (without mounting bracket)
  • Weight: 0.7 lbs.
  • Shipping weight: 3 lbs dimensional weight
  • Electrical: 12 WATTS
  • Coverage: Up to 175 sq. ft.
  • Air Flow: 4.73 CFM
  • Negative Ion Output: 500000/cm3
  • Ozone: less than .02 ppm
  • Working Temperature: 0 to 122 degrees F
  • Replacements: 1 year AHCPO Cell Part#:AHPCO-mbl175
  • Warranty: 1 year limited warranty
  • Made In: USA

Air Oasis Mobile Air Purifier
Mobile Unit and Carrying Case

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