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Fern's Nutrition carries a complete selection of replacement parts for all Champion Juicer Models. Should you lose or damage a part we have these parts in stock.

The Champion Juicer Parts:

champion juicer parts

** If you own a very old Champion (over 15 years) we are no longer able to get parts for these juicers. Call if you have a question concerning parts.

champion juicer


  1. End Bell Hub
    with Oil Seal

  2. Body, Screen, & Screen Holder Fully Assembled
    (3 parts - Each part sold separately.
    See prices below.)

  3. Screen Holder

  4. Funnel

  5. Tamper

  6. Blank (for homogenizing)

  7. Screen (See new Tomato Screen Below)

  8. Body and Hub (Champion no longer sells the Body without the Hub- Parts 1 & 8 )

  9. Cutter/Blade

Parts For Champion Juicer - Any Model

Choose a Color in the Shopping Cart
(White, Almond, Black, Silver)

Cutter/ Blade
(Almond Only)

New Champion
Red Tomato Screen.

Fits the following serial numbers and above:
FITS ALL ALMOND, ALL BLACK, ALL SILVER, A-7100 (Avocado), BR-7000 (Brown), W-25000 (White), Y-9000 (Yellow), C-1000, CM-1000, CHD-1000

 Smoke Colored Funnel
Holes: 30 thousandths of an inch
$15.50 Buy Champion Part
Large Hole Screen
Optional Large Hole Screen for more pulp in the juice.
Holes: 65 thousandths of an inch
$15.50 Buy Champion Part
New Tomato Screen
Holes: 130 thousandths of an inch
$15.50 Buy Champion Part
Screen Holder (Spout) $13.75 Buy Champion Part
Body / Hub Combo $49.95 Buy Champion Part
Tamper (Black) $14.50 Buy Champion Part
Blank $13.00 Buy Champion Part
Funnel (Smoke Color only) $14.50 Buy Champion Part
Hand Held Sieve $15.50 Buy Champion Part
Instruction & Recipe Booklet $4.95 Buy Champion Part

Champion Juicer Contact Information

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