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American Harvest
Gardenmaster Dehydrator
With Converge-a-Flow®

Quality Dehydrators at Discount Prices

Gardenmaster 4-Tray
Gardenmaster Dehydrator
Model FD-1010
"Top of the Line"

More Powerful and Larger

Price: $129.00
Model FD1010
Purchase GardenMaster FD1010

  • This 4-tray unit expands to a giant 30 trays so you can dry large quantities all at once! (30 sq.ft.)
    w/ optional Add-a-Trays.
  • 1000 watts of drying power. Dry more, faster.
  • 2,400-RPM motor and 4-1/2 inch fan
  • Adjustable 90-155 deg. F thermostat.
  • Dimensions:
    9"H x 15 Diameter
  • Weight: 13.9 lbs.

Accessories Included

  1. One "No-Spill" Fruit Roll Sheet. Perfect for drying semi-liquids: soups, sauces, fruit rolls. Has exclusive "no spill" lip.
  2. One Clean-A-Screen®. Flexible screen, allows easy drying of small items such as herbs, spices, and potpourri.
  3. Jerky Spice Packet and Cure - Make your own jerky at home!
  4. Includes 52-page recipe and instruction book.

Your Gardenmaster Dries:
Fruit rolls 3-6 hours
Beef Jerky 4 hours
Apples 4-6 hours
Bananas 5-8 hours
Pineapple 4-6 hours


 Gardenmaster 8-Tray
American Harvest Dehydrator
Model FD1018P
Same Powerful Unit with More Trays &
Free 160 Page Book

Price: $154.00
Model FD1018P
Purchase GardenMaster FD1018P

  • This larger Gardenmaster 8-Tray Model has all the Gardenmaster Dehydratorsame features as the Gardenmaster 4-tray.
  • It will expand to 30 trays with the optional Add-a-Tray Accessories. $16.00 (Pkg of 2 trays)

It includes:

    • 8 trays,
    • 8 "Clean-a-Screen" Flexible screBookens,
    • 8 fruit roll sheets and
    • FREE: The 160 page book "How to Dry Foods" by Deanna DeLong.

Add-a-Tray Accessories

American Harvest Dehydrators
Add-a-Tray for both Gardenmaster Models
Price: $16.00
(Pkg of 2 trays)

Add-a-Tray (2 Pack) Purchased
with any Gardenmaster
Purchase Add-a-Tray
Add-a-Tray (2 Pack)
Purchased Separately
(Shipping will be added)
Purchase Add-a-Tray


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