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Juicepresso Juicer

Discontinued Model

Only Juicer on the market with
3-in-1 Smart Extraction System


  • Cold Pressed Juicing
    This process slowly crushes, then compresses the fruits and vegetables to get the greatest volume of juice. Unlike blenders and centrifugal juicers, this process does not damage the juice on a cellular level. Juicepresso juice maintains its nutritional value for days instead of mere hours.
  • Low RPM - 40 RPM
    Juicepresso presses your fruits and vegetables at an incredibly slow 40 RPM. Other pressed juicers operate at 80 RPM, while blenders and centrifugal juicers operate at over 10,000 RPM. Gently pressing your fruits and vegetables increases the nutritional value of your juice making it last much longer.

  • Unique Auger (Screw) for Smart Extraction
    By combining 3 moving parts (the Ultem Screw, the Mesh Screen and the Brush) into just one easy-to-use part, the Juicepresso provides absolute convenience to the user.

    centrifugal juicers are not!

Quality juicers at discount prices


Juicepresso Model CJP-03
Slim, Compact Design




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