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Frequently Asked Questions
About Ozone and Ions

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What is Ozone?

Ozone, a three-atom form of oxygen, is a normal trace element in the earth's atmosphere. Ozone is the strongest commercially available oxidizing agent, because gaseous ozone is highly reactive. It readily oxidizes organic matter and has a variety of uses such as a bactericide and an algaecide. The life cycle of ozone is generation, oxidation decay. Its presence can be detected by its odor at very low concentrations.

How Much Ozone is Needed?

Ozone will oxidize odors and other indoor air pollution at level one-eighth of the limit established by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists. Ozone will function well, even at this very low level. When the demand for ozone is reduced, after the offending pollution has be oxidized, the residual ozone will decay to oxygen. The decay rate is a function of temperature: the warmer the air the faster the rate of decay, and the cooler the air the slower the rate.

Is Ozone Safe?

Several different organizations have established various limits for ozone measured in
Parts Per Million (PPM). Before we proceed, a review of the size of the ozone concentration will help grasp "a small amount of ozone.."

One part in one million parts is the same magnitude as 1 inch in 16 miles, or 1 ounce of sand in over 3 tons of cement. The human irritation threshold appears to be about .06 ppm with no evidence of health damage by continuous exposure to lower concentrations.

What is an Ion?

Ions are electrically charged particles, either positive or negative, generated by the natural radiations from the earth and sun, and by water spray and lighting. A negative ion is formed when a election attaches itself to an oxygen molecule. Negative ions help revitalize and freshen the air.

Why Do We Need Ionizers?

Ions are short-lived and thus need constant replenishing from nature. In man's environment, the ion balance is critically upset. Central heating and air conditioning systems cause negative ions to disappear by friction. Air trapped indoors has little chance of being re ionized. In cities, where the ground is paved over and ionization from the earth cannot take place, the imbalance is more aggravated.

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