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Foot Massager
Kneading Massager by Evergain

Includes Calf, Ankle and Foot
The Complete Leg Massage

Fern's Nutrition - Evergain Kneading Massager

The Kneading Foot Massager
provides you with a
Personalized Reflexologist
that you can bring hom


  • The Evergain Kneading Foot Massager soothes, relieves and energizes sore and weary feet.
  • Strong synergistic kneading and vibratory actions relax and rejuvenate the foot, ankle and calf muscles.
  • The Foot Massager includes Reflexology Pressure Nodes to stimulate blood circulation, alleviate tension and reduce stress.
  • The massager promotes muscle recovery from tension and fatigue after vigorous exercise.
  • The Evergain Kneading Massager tones, shapes and beautifies you legs.
  • Programmable for your own personal needs.


  • Flexible Kneading Discs
    4 pairs of kneading discs provide strong kneading actions to penetrate deep into muscles soothing away strains and stiffness.
  • Soothing Vibratory Sensation
    Relaxing vibratory action to the arches and heels improves blood circulation and eases tension providing instant relief for your calves, ankles and feet.
  • Reflexology Pressure Nodes
    The Kneading Foot Massager has strategically positioned protruding nodes to deliver reflexology benefits by stimulating the essential reflex points on the soles of your feet.
  • Programmable Personal Massage
    You can use the Kneading Massager to personalize your own massage experience using 18 programmable kneading and vibratory modes.
  • Adjustable Positioning
    You can adjust the position of your limbs and the position of the massager - even to a lying down position for great relaxation throughout your body.

    Weight: Shipping weight is 34 lbs.
    Dimensions: Outside box 15"x18"x21"

Evergain Kneading Massager
Evergain Kneading Massager
With Programmable Feature

Price $399

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Use Your Kneading Massager in Different Positions
for Different Results

Evergain Kneading Massager

Evergain Kneading Massager

Evergain Kneading Massager

Evergain Kneading Massager

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