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Nesco Jet Stream 2 Oven with Digital Timer
Model JS5000-T

Discontinued Product

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The NESCO JS-5000T is the newest
Jet Stream2 Oven that cooks
with superior quality.

  • Microwave Fast! -
    • It is up to 3 times faster than a conventional oven
    • Up to 2 times faster than convection ovens
    • As fast as a microwave oven but delivers superior taste and quality food.
  • Six-in-One - Unlike a microwave oven, the Jet Stream2 Oven® has a six in one cooking system with patented cyclonic system that makes it possible to:
    • roast
    • grill
    • broil
    • air fry - for creating browned tender meats.
    • steam - for tender vegetables
    • bake - for fluffy baked goods
  • Digital - The JS-5000T features a user friendly digital keypad to set fan speed, cooking time and cooking temperature
  • Programmable Timer - The Jet Stream2 is programmable up to 99 minutes with auto off.
  • Temperature - The Jet Stream2 oven offers a cooking temperature of 200° to 400° F.
  • Jet Stream2 Oven - 1250 Watts Power
  • Powerful Halogen Element
  • Efficient Convection Fan
  • BPA Free Cooking Pan

 Jet Stream2 Oven
Nesco Jet Stream2 Oven

Discontinued Product

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