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Scientific research
has shown that the natural rhythms of our bodies are regulated by light. In the winter, our exposure to sunlight is reduced, especially in northern areas. For some individuals, this reduction in sunlight exposure can result in a mood disorder commonly known as the winter blues, which is manifested by reduced energy, low moods, and disrupted sleep patterns.

Research has also shown that as little as 15 minutes of light therapy each day can significantly reduce symptoms of the winter blues. The Spectrum Health’s BlueLight (SAD Solutions) energy light effectively mimics the natural patterns and spectrum of sunlight that our bodies need most, providing a natural way to fight winter blues.

Advanced Bluewave Technology

Spectrum Health’s SAD Solutions BlueLight uses Bluewave technology to boost mood and energy levels and help fight winter blues.
With Bluewave technology, BlueLight is smaller in size and less intense than traditional white boxes. The BlueLight also features a wider field of light than other light boxes. This means you can work, watch TV, read, or eat meals while using the BlueLight without having to sit close or directly in front of it.

The BLUElight from Spectrum Health uses this blue light technology to give you a quick, safe and 100% effective light treatment.

The BLUElight SAD Solutions Light is simple, straightforward and very easy to use - all it takes is to press a couple of buttons and your light therapy treatment can begin.

  • Improved long-lasting Lithium Ion battery technology means power for up to 5 to 7 treatment sessions.
  • Flexibility is key in the design of the SAD Solutions BLUElight and it can also be used directly with the supplied extension cord.
  • The BLUElight uses the latest blue light technology and is a leap forward in the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorders and other Circadian Rhythm related problems such as Jet Lag, sleep disorders and problems brought about by shift working.

Sad Solutions Light Therapy

Spectrum Health
Blue Light Therapy
(SAD Solutions Light Therapy)

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