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1. Plug in the power socket into a proper electrical outlet. If an extension cord must be used, it must be of less than 3 meters long. No other electrical appliances should be connected into the same extension cord.

2. After sitting on the folding chair inside, you can close the zipper all the way up to your neck, and close the Velcro strap on the neck.

3. Extend your hands outside through the hand slots to set the controls.

4. Press the POWER buttons once will activate the LED digital display showing 00 in the display window. Press TIMER button to preset for 10, 20 or 30 minutes. The timer will simultaneously turn on the heater and the FIR. The timer will start to count down till 0 when the power will be shut off automatically.

5. Press the FOOT button to turn on the heating element and FIR on the foot pad. If you start to feel that the foot pad is too hot, you can move your feet to the sides or press the FOOT button again to turn it off.

6. When a thorough sweating has been accomplished, turn off the power from the Timer Control Box and take a warm shower.

7. Wipe off any sweat on the chair and cushion and close down the FIR Sauna Hothouse, using the reverse procedures from above, if required.

The whole family can enjoy the benefits
in using the same Infrared Sauna Hothouse

 Infrared Sauna  Infrared Sauna
Enjoy the dry super heat with Far Infrared Ray while you
listen to music, read and watch TV.

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