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 Soil vs. Non-Soil  


In his book, Wheatgrass, Nature's Finest Medicine,
Steve Meyerowitz presents the following information
and test results:

"One of the many controversies in the wheatgrass world is the question of whether growing grass hydroponically is good enough. We have addressed this question and have taken the position that for indoor gardening wheatgrass is just as potent whether you grow it in soil or in water. Of course, adding liquid kelp or other mineral products to that water enhances your results.

Here we have an actual lab analysis so you can see for yourself. Two trays were grown in the same greenhouse under the same conditions using the same seed. One used composted organic soil, the other just water. According to Mr. John Howell, of the soil lab at the University of Mass. Extension, the two products are virtually equal: "It appears as though the grass has not begun to get nutrients from the composted soil but is still growing off the initial nutrient base of the seed."


 Wheatgrass -- Soil vs. Non-Soil
Nutritional comparison of wheatgrass grown in organic composted soil and in water using the same seed




Nitrogen (N)


Not Significant
Phosphorus (P)  0.65%  0.63% No Difference
Potassium (K)  1.03% 1.17% Not Significant
Calcium (CA)  0.22% 0.30%  Not Significant
Magnesium (MG)  0.14% 0.17%   No Difference
Zinc (ZN)  44ppm 47ppm   No Difference
Copper (CU)  15ppm 14ppm  No Difference
Manganese (MN)  23ppm 24ppm  No Difference
Iron (FE)  87ppm 108ppm  Not Significant
Boron (B)  1ppm 2ppm  No Difference
Molybdenum (MO)  1ppm 1ppm  No Difference

Test results courtesy of Jonathan's Organic Sprouts, Marion, Mass.


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