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Venture Heat Therapy
Cordless Far Infrared Ray
Fern's Nutrition

Venture Cordless Heat Therapy Products are Unique.
Venture Heat Therapy
Unlike conventional hot packs or heat pads that simply heat the surface
of the skin, the Venture Heat Therapy Wraps safely provide FIR heat by penetrating the skin and delivering targeted therapeutic heat.


 Targeted Heated Relief for...
 Arthritis  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome    Joint Stiffness
 Chronic Pain  Muscle Spasms & Tension    Menstrual Cramps
 Tendonitis  Sports Injuries    Sprains

Venture Heat Therapy for necks

Heated Neck Wrap SH-65

Buy Venture Heat Therapy - Neck

Venture Heat Therapy Details
  Venture Heat Therapy for backs

Heated Back
Wrap SH-55

Buy Venture Heat Therapy - Back

For Larger Size
Venture Heat Therapy Details

Venture Heat Therapy for shoulders

Heated Shoulder Wrap SH-45

Buy Venture Heat Therapy- Shoulder

For Larger Size
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   Venture Heat Therapy for knees Heated Knee Wrap SH-35

Buy Venture Heat Therapy - Knee

For Larger Size
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Venture Heat Therapy for wrists

Heated Wrist Wrap SH-15

Buy Venture Heat Therapy - Wrist

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  Venture Heat Therapy for Ankles Heated Ankle Wrap SH-75

Buy Venture Heat Therapy- Ankle

Venture Heat Therapy Details 

Venture Heat Therapy Products Feature:

  • Mobility - The cordless therapy wraps provide you with pain relief on-the-go. Whether you are at home,
    at the office, in the car or traveling on a trip, pain relief is there when you need it.
  • Adjustable Heat - LED Temperature controller is included so you can customize your heat to
    get what you need.
  • Stress Reduction - Reducing stress is important to living a healthy life. Increasing blood circulation
    and alleviating aches and pains plays a large role in stress.
  • Targeted Area Pain Relief - The Heat Wraps are designed specifically to provide targeted heat
    to areas of the body for the most effective pain relief and therapy.
  • 3-D Ergonomic Tailoring - Made of stretchable Neoprene and fleece, these heat therapy wraps
    feature ergonomic designs, especially important in heat therapy, to ensure the ultimate fit.
  • Speed Sports Injury Recovery - Injuries sustained from sports can keep you from doing what you love.
    FIR Heat Therapy may help speed recovery time to get you back in the game as soon as possible.

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F.I.R Technology

FIR - Safe and Effective Alternative

As an alternative to traditional electric heat devices as Infrared Heat Therapy evenly distributes the heat energy deep into muscles and joints without burning the skin.

Increase in blood circulation, tissue regeneration and the reduction of pain and cramping.



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