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Alkaline Water System
LeFay Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System
with Ayer's Rock Alkaline Filter

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Six-Stage Alkaline
Reverse Osmosis Water System

In the LeFay Six-Stage Alkaline Reverse Osmosis System your water passes through six different components which have all been certified by NSF International, The Public Health and Safety Company™.

Stage 5 of the filtration system is the Ayer’s Rock Alkaline Filter - the true alkaline filter. It offers premium quality alkaline water and provides far better results than ordinary calcite alkaline filters.

This Alkaline filter has extended benefits including:

  • Increasing the pH of tap water to 10
  • Achieving an ORP of -500mv
  • Emitting far-infrared rays
  • Producing shorter cluster chains in the water molecule.

Six Stages:

  1. The Five-Micron Sediment Pre-Filter removes dirt, rust, and sand, completing the initial step in providing premium drinking water. This step is important because it keeps harmful residue from entering the subsequent filters.
  2. The Five-Micron Carbon Block Filter is made of high-purity coconut shell which activates the Carbon Block. It further removes sediment and odor, improves taste, and removes chemicals such as, pesticides, dioxins, chloroform, and petrochemicals. It also removes harmful chlorine which can create by-products that have been linked to cancer.
  3. The Five-Micron Granular Activated Carbon Block Filter continues to remove impurities and chemicals such as SOCs (Soluble Organic Compounds), VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), and trihalomethanes (carcinogenic organic chemicals).
  4. The 75 Gallon per Day Reverse Osmosis Membrane removes up to 99% of harmful metals such as lead, copper, barium, chromium, mercury, cadmium, fluoride, nitrite, and selenium. The Membrane also removes bacteria such as E.Coli and other toxins that may be present in the water
  5. The Ayer's Rock Alkaline Filter - The Alkaline Filter is the most important part of the cleaning process because as the water travels through this rigorous procedure, many essential minerals and nutrients are removed from the water along with the contaminants and impurities. The Alkaline Filter redeposits the vital minerals, such as sodium and potassium ions, which are needed for the human body to function at its optimum level, back into the water.
  6. The One-Micron Post-Carbon Polishing Filter is made from high-purity coconut shell Granular Activated Carbon is the last step in removing impurities and contaminants, and also improving clarity and taste before the water is ready to consume.


LeFay RO Purification System

Naturally Energized Alkaline Water


LeFay's Alkaline
Water Purification System
Includes Container Tank and
Faucet for top of the sink.

Price: $429.00
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alkaStream Water Ionizer

Ayer’s Rock Alkaline Filter
Stage 5

Ayer's Rock Ceramic Filter

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water has many health benefits including restoring the natural pH balance of the body. The human body has a blood pH of 7.365 and it is essential to maintain this pH balance. Much of what we eat, such as processed sugar, meat, dairy, and coffee has an acidic effect on the pH balance, and the body has to work extra hard to restore itself to a neutral pH. Alkaline water greatly assists in this process by introducing a higher pH to the body to offset the low pH and therefore, the natural balance is re-established.

Other benefits of drinking alkaline water include keeping stomach acid at bay and helping alleviate many ailments because of its antioxidant qualities. Alkaline water also greatly helps the body in the absorption of minerals.

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