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AYRO HT Plus Countertop Alkaline Water Filter
with Alkaline Minerals & Antioxidants (Non Electric)
Choose White or Black Color and Faucet Finish

Quality Health Appliances

Unique Alkaline Water Filter

Ayro HT Plus is created from cutting edge technology featuring all of the benefits of healthy water with alkaline minerals and antioxidants while filtering out harmful chemicals from the tap.

It is equipped with a six-layered high-powered water cleaning filter with alkaline minerals and antioxidant media creating delicious and healthy water.

Compact - Ideal for Travel

As a unique countertop filtration system with antioxidants, Ayro HT Plus is perfect for your home and office. It is small enough to travel with and easily connects to virtually many hotel room faucets.

Ayro HT Plus Alkaline Water Filter Features:

  • Free standing countertop filtration system
    No electricity is required.
  • Compact and easily attaches to most standard faucets. Size: 5" Dia x 6" Height.
  • Advanced multi-stage filtration technology with highest grade coconut shell carbon and KDF media
  • Exclusive carbon-block reduces >99.95% of particles 0.5 micron and larger including pathogenic bacteria
  • Easy-to-change replacement filter provides up to 6 months of filter life
  • Generates alkaline antioxidant water pH ranging up to 9.5 & ORP ranging up to -500 mV*
  • Made in the USA

How the Ayro HT Plus Water Ionizer Works:

  • First, regular tap water is filtered through a mechanical filter reducing sediments.
  • Then, water passes through the granular activated carbon, KDF media and 0.5 micron carbon block which reduce odors, impurities, chemical contaminants, bacteria and microorganisms.
  • At the last stage, water is recharged with alkaline minerals and antioxidants.

Note: Certain areas contain heavy sedimentation in their local tap water, and may require installation of sediment pre-filter.

*Actual performance may vary depending on local water conditions and water volume used. For drinking water applications, do not use with water that is unsafe or of unknown quality.


 AYRO HT Plus Alkaline Water FilterAYRO HT Plus Alkaline Water Filter

AYRO HT Plus Alkaline Water Filter
with Alkaline Minerals & Antioxidants

Color & Faucet Options

AYRO HT Plus Alkaline Water Filters are available in
white or black with options for Faucet Finish:

  Unit & Base Color     Faucet  Model  Price
AYRO HT Plus White-White  White-White    Chrome HTWW $299.95 
 AYRO HT Plus White-Polished Chrome White-Polished Chrome   Polished
HTWC $319.95 
AYRO HT Plus White-Brushed Stainless   White- Brushed Stainless   Brushed Stainless HTWB $339.95 
AYRO HT Plus Black-Polished Chrome  Black - Polished Chrome    Polished Chrome HTBC $319.95 
 AYRO HT Plus Black-Brushed Stainless  Black-Brushed Stainless    Brushed Stainless HTBB $339.95 

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*Free Shipping offer applies only to continental U.S.
Call for shipping charges to Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the U.S.

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