What is the "Best Juicer"?

Selecting the Best Juicer for You

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If you are looking for...

A fast juicer with a very large opening to eliminaBreville Ikonte pre-cutting preparation:

Then we recommend you choose a "Centrifugal Type" juicer. A very popular, high quality brand that fills these needs is the Breville Juice Fountain Series, especially the Breville Ikon and The Breville Elite.

If you are looking for...

A higher nutrient value juice, the ability to juice leafy greens & wheatgrass efficiently and a juicer with more versatility:

We recommend you choose from the following three
"Low RPM" Types:

  1. Single Gear Juicer - Economical & More Versatile
    Single gear juicers provide high nutrients and versatility.

    We recommend you consider the high quality brand:
    Omega Juicer Series

  2. Single Gear Vertical - Takes Less Counter Space & Easier to Clean.
    This "Low RPM" type is the new revolutionary design wOmega VRT350ith all the benefits of high nutrient value and versatility.

    We recommend you consider the
    Omega NC Series

  3. Twin Gear Juicer - Highest Yield & Stainless Steel Gears
    Twin gear juicers provide high nutrient value, excellent leafy green juice, versatility and High Yield.GreenStar Elite

    We recommend the
    GreenStar Elite 5000- the "top of the line" innovative juicer with the latest in twin gear juicing technology.

If you are looking for...

A juicer for citrus fruits only (lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit):

We have both manual and electric models to choose from.

See Citrus Juicer Choices: Citrus Juicers

If you are looking for...

A juicer for wheatgrass only:

We have both manual and electric models to
choose from.

If you want a manual juicer we recommend you consider the Tornado. As an electric choice we recommend the Omega Single Gear Juicers Series 8000.



Highest Quality
Brand Name Juicers

Centrifugal Type
Breville Compact

Centrifugal Type
Automatic Ejection
Breville Juicers 3 Models
Champion (horizontal blade)

Single Gear
Mastication Type
Horizontal Design Juicer
Omega 8004, 8006, 8007, 8008
SoloStar 4 Juicer
Samson Juicer
Samson Juicer Advanced

Single Gear
Mastication Type
Vertical Design Juicer
Omega VRT 330
Omega VRT 330HD

Twin Gear Type
Green Star Gold
Green Star 3000
Green Star Elite
Super Angel Juicer

Wheatgrass Juicers
Citrus Juicers
Juicing Books

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Chi Machines
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Yogurt Makers
Water Filters
Water Ionizers
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