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Fern's Nutrition
Clone Master
& Bud Grower
Automatic Self-Watering Plant Cloning System
Discontinued Product

Clone Master is the only all-in-one grower that clones cuttings, grows your vegetative cycle, and flowers your plants for exceptionally large heavy buds.

Create perfectly rooted clones and high yielding heavy buds for the ultimate harvest.

Most cuttings root up (clone) in just 5-7 days.

Finally, a fully automatic system that clones, grows vetgetative cycle, and flowers large buds, all in one system.

Most economical hydroponic system on the market.

Includes Pre-set Timer for the perfect watering schedule.
Dimensions: 17" Diameter, 5" High
Weight 2.7 lbs


Clone Master

  • No Misting
  • No Watering
  • No Dome Required
  • No Labor
  • No Messy Soil
  • Completely Automatic


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Call for shipping charges to Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the U.S.

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