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Selecting a Water Ionizer

by Ronald D. Nicklaw
Certified Nutrition Consultant

Choosing a Water Ionizer from among the many models available can be very challenging. We have prepared for you an outline of the criteria that we have found most purchasers use in evaluating the different Water Ionizers. Keep in mind that we are available toll free at 800-229-3376 to elaborate on the criteria, or answer any questions you may have in selecting the water ionizer that is best for you.

The following six features are the ones
most often used by our customers in evaluating
the different water ionizers available.

 Criteria # 1: Number of Plates

One of the most important criteria in evaluating different Water Ionizers is the number of plates within the Ionization Chamber. It is the surface area of the plates that impacts the healthy benefits of the water. The greater the number of plates, the greater the surface area of the plates that come into contact with the water.

Most Water Ionizers have either 3, 5, 7, or 9 plates. The greater the number of plates, the greater the alkalinity and Negative ORP (antioxidant effect).

For some Water Ionizer buyers, units with 3 or 5 plates will be adequate. All Water Ionizers produce water with these four characteristics:

  • Alkalinity
  • Negative ORP
  • Microclustered water (for increased hydration)
  • Higher levels of oxygen for increased energy and stamina

For those who want maximum performance, they are encouraged to research the Water Ionizers with more plates.

If you have any question regarding the plates used in any of the Water Ionizers we feature, please call us toll free at 800-229-3376.

 Criteria # 2: Manual vs. Automatic Cleaning Cycle

Every Water Ionizer must be equipped with the ability to clean the Platinum/Titanium Plates within the Ionization Chamber.

A Water Ionizer has an Ionization Chamber with two compartments, one with positive plates and the second with negative plates. The negatively charged plates attract the positively charged minerals, which are the alkaline minerals.

The Cleaning Cycle directly affects the quality of the water and the overall efficiency of the unit. It also will influence the durability or longevity of the Water Ionizer - that is, how many years it will last. Without self-cleaning the Platinum/Titanium Plates will have a tendency to build up deposits, which can lead to lower operating efficiency and ultimately corrosion of the all-important plates.

The Cleaning Cycle in a Water Ionizer can be manual or automatic. The Automatic Cleaning Cycle is preferred. The manual cleaning cycle requires the user to put the Water Ionizer through a short cleaning cycle at least once a day.

A Water Ionizer with an Automatic Cleaning Cycle means the cleaning cycle is performed automatically, usually at the end of each use. As the user, you will never have to be concerned about being sure a daily cleaning cycle is completed. And because the cleaning cycle is activated after every use, it is much more thorough than manual cleaning. It is a definite convenience, but will also extend the life of the Water Ionizer.

If you have any questions regarding the important subject of the "cleaning cycle" please call us toll free at 800-229-3376.

 Criteria # 3: Alkaline Levels and ORP Levels

Typically you will want to drink Alkaline, Ionized Water in the 8.5-9.5 level for maximum health benefits. Alkaline Water used for cooking purposes can be in the 9.5+ range. The better, more advanced Water Ionizers will provide Alkaline Water in the 10+ range.

ORP refers to the Oxidation Reduction Potential of the water. A negative ORP refers to the ability of the water to neutralize free radicals in the body.

Free radicals are groups of atoms that can cause damage to our cells, leading to various degenerative diseases. They are formed by stress, exposure to toxic chemicals, and the action of normal metabolic processes such as digestion.

The greater the negative ORP of Ionized Water, the greater its ability to neutralize free radicals in the body. Alkaline, Ionized Water is sometimes referred to as "Antioxidant Water" because of its ability to scavenge and destroy free radical particles.

Entry-level Water Ionizers and Intermediate Units will generally yield a negative ORP in the 150 - 300 range. More advanced units will yield a negative ORP in the 600-800 range.

If you have any questions regarding Alkalinity or ORP levels produced by different Water Ionizers please call us toll free at 800-229-3376

 Criteria # 4: Durability

Durability refers to the general longevity or life of a Water Ionizer. The durability of any Water Ionizer is directly related to the quality of the overall construction of the unit, the thoroughness of the cleaning cycle and the filter quality.

Most entry level and intermediate Water Ionizers are designed to operate efficiently for 3-5 years.

More advanced, superior models are designed to operate efficiently for 10-20 years.

If you have any questions regarding the overall durability of any of the Water Ionizers we feature please call us toll free at 800-229-3376.

 Criteria # 5: Installation Options

All Water Ionizers are designed to operate on a countertop. They come Diverter Valve
with a Diverter Valve that easily connects to the end of a standard faucet by removing the aerator.

Alkaline, Ionized Water is collected from the stainless steel nozzle at the top of the Water Ionizer.

Some specially manufactured Water Ionizers are designed to be both countertop and undersink units. In other words, they can either be used on the countertop or put entirely under the sink.

Undersink KitBy purchasing the "Undersink Adaptor Kit", your Water Ionizer can be converted from a Countertop unit to a fully functional Undersink Water Ionizer. This can be done immediately upon receipt of the Water Ionizer or at a later date. Water Ionizer Faucet


The Alkaline Water is collected from the spigot that is mounted at the side of the sink. A plumber will be required to install the Water Ionizer under the sink.

If you have any questions regarding installation options for Water Ionizers please call us toll free at 800-229-3376.

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