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DPL Therapy System
Deep Penetrating Light

 Deep Penetrating Light Therapy

Reverse and Control
the Visible Signs of Aging

Stimulate Regeneration
Your skin has the ability to absorb infrared light and use it as a source of energy to stimulate cellular regeneration.

No Harsh Chemicals or Surgical Procedures
Infrared LED light therapy, first researched by NASA for use in the U.S. Space Program, can reverse and control the visible signs of aging and help you look years younger without harsh chemical treatments or invasive surgical procedures.

Natural Light Treatment
Dramatic tightening of skin, smoothing of wrinkles and rough spots, disappearing blemishes, softening of redness, and shrinking of pore size can be achieved with this natural light treatment.

Produce Collagen and Elastin
The infrared light produced by LED lamps (photo rejuvenation) stimulates fibroblast cell activity in the skin, which increases the production of collagen and elastin—the proteins responsible for your skin's tone and elasticity. The effects of infrared LED light therapy on the skin and body have been reported in over 2000 scientific reports and documents.

Skin conditions improved by infrared LED light therapy:

  • Tired, aging skin:
    Softening of lines, folds and wrinkles, healthier circulation, increased moisture and radiance, accelerated skin repair, toned and youthful skin surface, improved elasticity and skin texture.
  • Hyperpigmentation:
    Age spots, freckles, uneven pigmentation due to sun exposure, etc: Most cases of skin hyperpigmentation even out over time from the use of infrared LED light therapy.
  • Acne and blemishes:
    Infrared LED light can assist in the repair of acne and blemishes because it stimulates the skin's natural healing process.

First researched by NASA for use in the Space Program, Deep Penetrating Light therapy can help reverse and control the visible signs of aging –

while also effectively treating minor muscle and joint aches.

All-natural RED and infrared light penetrates and absorbs deep into tissue, activating the production
of endorphins, blocking pain-transmitting chemicals and stimulating cellular regeneration for both wrinkle reduction and pain relief.

Relief from Minor Pain
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Deep Penetrating Light
Beauty & Pain

Deep Penetrating Light Therapy
DPL Therapy System

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  • All Natural
  • Non-invasive
  • Non-ablative
  • No downtime
  • Fast
  • Large treatment are - 9"x14"
  • Easy to use
  • No side effects
  • Safe and effective for all skin problems
  • Engineered to last for years

The DPL Therapy System Includes:Deep Penetrating Light

  • Two removable 9" x 14" LED panels can be used on or off the stand.
  • NEW Velcro strap facilitates placement on arms, legs, neck, back, etc. for treatment of minor aches and pains (as well as skin rejuvenation).
  • Built-in minute timer with automatic shut-off at end of 17 minutes
  • 18 " High Stand - weighted for stability.
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Comprehensive User Guide

  • Auto Shut-off for safety
  • Electrical panel connector and power supply, 100V-240V for use around the world (plug adapter may be needed outside of the US)
  • 154 - 880nm infrared LED
  • 20 - 660nm red LEDs
  • Produces 4 joules of energy per cm2
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Extended warranties are available through the manufacturer

Please call for shipping costs to Alaska, Hawaii and overseas locations.

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Pain Relief
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DPL Therapy

Pain Relief Light Therapy

Media Articles on Photo Rejuvenation

All aspects of wrinkling, skin coarseness, pore size, irregular pigmentation showed visible improvement with Photo Rejuvenation. — Dermatology Times

Photo Rejuvenation treatments...the results are the closet thing to a face lift that I've been able to achieve since becoming an aesthetician. — Day Spa Magazine

The treatment is especially effective at improving the appearance of the face, neck and chest, by reducing signs of aging, wrinkles and age spots. — Web M.D. Health

A process called Photo Rejuvenation can smooth away wrinkles, erase age spots and relieve the symptoms of Rosacea. — ABC‘s Good Morning America


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