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Discontinued Product

Humio Humidifier
Model 1020 by Tribest

Fern's Nutrition Humio Humidifier

Humio Humidifier & Night Lamp
w/ Aroma Oil Compartment

Humio ultrasonic cool mist humidifier and night lamp is the perfect solution to adding moisture to dry or heated air while adding ambience and
décor to any room.

Humio Humidifier is safe and easy to use, easy to maintain, and is a cost effective way to reliably protect your family and home from the many physical discomforts and possible maintenances due to dry or heated air.

Humio is designed to add comfort and optimum convenience. It is the reliable and easy way to improve indoor air quality and provide soft lighting to dark rooms utilizing the latest in ultrasonic sound vibration and LED lighting technologies.

Humio Humidifier quietly operates with minimal power and is uniquely shaped to fit into any space adding an excellent touch of class and elegance to any room in your home without distraction.

Humio Humidifer covers up to 100 square feet, consumes less power than a light bulb, and provides up to 10 hours of operation per half gallon tank of distilled water making it perfect for a single room in any home or office.

Compared to vaporizers which boil water and release a warm steam making a room feel muggy if overused, Humio releases a cool mist which can be used all day without interruption and discomfort also eliminating the risk of burn to young children. Plus, there are no cumbersome filters to replace which lead to added cost.


  • Two Levels of Humidity - With Humio, when used as a humidifier, you can choose between two levels of humidity - high and low. The ultrasonic sound vibrations, created by a metal diaphragm vibrating at an ultrasonic frequency, adjusts to silently release moisture into the air providing quiet operation, optimum convenience and unsurpassed air quality.

  • Night Light with streaming sequence of colors.

    Humio Humidifier, when used as a night lamp, can stream through a sequence of colors or be paused to adjust to your favorite shade of red, green, or blue. The embedded LED lights at the base of HumioTM are designed to provide the proper shade of lighting which soothes and relaxes the senses without generating heat or using excess energy.

  • Alert for adding water - Additionally, the LED lighting mechanism will flash red when the water tank is empty, alerting you to add water when used simultaneously as a humidifier.


8"(l) x 8"(w) x 14"(h)
3 lbs. Unit Weight
Tank Capacity - Approx. 2 Liters (.5 gal)
Voltage - 100-240V/50-60Hz
Power - 20 Watts
Room Coverage - 80-100 SF.
Running Time - 10 hrs./Tank
Moisture Output - 180 ml/hr.
1 Year Warranty


Humio Humidifier
Humio Humidifier
Model 1020

Humio Hujmidifier
Humio Humidifier can stream through
a sequence of colors.




  • Aromatherapy Option - any essential aromatherapy oil may be used in this unit .
  • 360° Rotating Mist Outlet – A rotating nozzle designed to easily change the direction of the mist. Covers between 80-100 square feet.
  • Removable Neck - Unscrews for easier cleaning and can be used as a handle when transporting the water tank for refills.
  • Half Gallon Water Tank – Approx. stores up to 2L (.5 gal) of distilled water for up to 10 hours of use per tank.
  • Cleaning Brush – Neatly nested in the base for simple storage. Use to clean Humio as needed
  • Positioning Points – Identifies the correct position where the water tanks rests on the base.
  • Easy Push Button Controls – Adjust Humio to your desired setting with the touch of a button. Each function can operate independently and can be used simultaneously.

Call for shipping charges to Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the U.S.

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