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HydroGo+ Bottle
Molecular Hydrogen Generator

Quality Health Appliances

Create Hydrogen Rich
Alkalized Antioxidant Water Anywhere!

Portable hydrogen water bottle Up to 2800 ppb.

Out-gasses chlorine and is USB rechargeable!

Ideal for traveling and outdoors.

Drink it to slow down aging

Wash hands and face with it
to keep skin in good condition.

  • Our body that has been acidified due to stress, fast foods, heavy drinking and overeating, etc.!!
  • Hydrogen water is an anti-oxidant substance which inhibits skin aging and scavenges free (oxygen) radicals, in order to protect DNA from oxidative damage.
  • Hydrogen water is absorbed in blood within 30 seconds, blood brain barrier and genitals within 1 minute, skin within 10 minutes, liver, heart and kidney within 20 minutes, whole body within 30 minutes.
  • Hydrogen water has anti-oxidation effect 170 times more powerful than vitamin C, 860 times more than co-enzyme Q10. It is healthy, safe and EZ to make with the HydroGo+ bottle.
  • Suited for Most Types of Drinking Water-- HydroGo+ can be used with Distilled water, Purified Water, Mineral water, Tap water (most other machines on the market can not process using distilled water or purified water)
  • Independent Base for Mineral Water Bottle -- Mineral water bottle can be installed directly on the host base. Just put the HydroGo+ Generator in your bag or pocket, buy bottled water and connect the generator to your bottled water and start enjoying the benefits of Hydrogen or Ozone water. So you can use it in hotels, vehicles, airplanes, buses, trains, hiking, biking, etc. Perfect for making hydrogen-rich water at anytime, anywhere.
  • Water Tastes Good--Equipped with high-quality ion-exchange membrane, which can remove impurities, absorb the residual chlorine ozone.
  • The HydroGo+ electrode is made from Platinum and Titanium.
  • The HydroGo+ has a rechargeable lithium battery which recharges with a USB charger (included). Once charged it can make approximately 50 bottles of Hydrogen water before requiring to be charged again. This means it's totally portable, you can take it with you and can make alkaline water infused with molecular hydrogen and use it anywhere.




Light Weight for Portability

Price: $299.99
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Available in White or Black

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Capacity: 450 ml (15.22 oz)
410 g (0.9 lb)
Operation Time:
4-6 Minutes
1000 ppb to 1300 ppb
High quality titanium electrode plate with platimum coating, food-grade ABS, PCTG
304 stainless steel
75 mm (3 in.)
215 mm (8.5 in.)
Battery Type:
Polymer Lithium



Black Color Available- See Below

*Free Shipping offer applies only to continental U.S.
Call for shipping charges to Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the U.S.

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