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Ionic Oasis Water Ionizer

Ionic Oasis is a
Discontinued Model -

See the 3 Electrode Ionizer: Aquatonic 300 Water Ionzer

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Ionic Oasis Water Ionizer 
Ionic Oasis Water Ionizer SP350

SP350 Biostone Replacement Filter
Biostone 1 Micron particulate filtration, carbon filtration
and tourmaline which provides a mild ionization to the
water before it runs over the electrodes.

Price: $109.00
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SP350 Ultra Filter Replacement Filter
Ultra Filter .01 Micron filter that is an upgrade for t
onic Oasis Water Ionizer. Removes chlorine, particulate
and other harmful elements from tap water.

Price: $139.00
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Call for shipping charges to Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the U.S.

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