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Frequently Asked Questions About Ionizers

How do I evaluate and select from the different Water Ionizers that are available?

There are two major criteria to use in evaluating water ionizers:

The first is the filtration provided by the water ionizer filter. A standard filter uses a 1.0 micron filter. Some filters use 0.03 microns. The UltraFilter has a 0.01 micron filter.

The second criteria to apply is how the unit will be connected to the water supply in your home or office.

  • Some units allow direct connection to the kitchen faucet by the provided diverter valve,
  • Some connect directly to the cold water line under the sink by the provided T-valve,
  • Some place the entire unit under the sink with an optional undersink adaptor kit.

Determine which method you prefer and examine those units that will provide you with that option.

When do I replace the filter?

All quality water ionizers have Filter Counter Displays. When it reaches a designated number, the filter needs to be replaced, usually in 9-12 months. Your instruction manual will give you this information.

Can I use a water ionizer with a reverse osmosis unit or a water softener?

Some Water Ionizers (Isis/Melody and Athena and Delphi and Venus) can be used with RO when the filter which comes with the machine is removed and replaced by the Re-mineralizing cartridge. Remineralized water can then be used by the ionizer to produce alkaline water.

Water softeners have extremely high levels of sodium or potassium that can damage the water ionizer unit.

You will need to hook up your water ionizer to a line that is not connected to a water softener or a reverse osmosis unit.

Will I need to use a calcium cartridge with my water ionizer to increase the alkalinity?

Usually not. In most areas the metropolitan water will have a neutral pH or be slightly acidic or alkaline. Only those areas which have especially acidic water will need calcium cartridges to increase alkalinity to a proper level. Calcium cartridges last approximately 2-3 months an are inexpensive.

What is the ideal water pH that I should use on a daily basis?

The ideal water pH produced by a water ionizer should be in the 8.5 to 9 range. Higher levels can be used for short periods of time for detoxification.

What are the major characteristics of the water produced by a water ionizer?

1) Alkalinity

2) Micro-clustered water for improved absorption and hydration

3) Negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) - free radical scavenger.

4) High levels of oxygen

For detail information on water characteristics see "Water Ionizer Article"


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