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What Are The Benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water?
What Are Some Uses of Acid Water?

Better Taste

A water ionizer produces water that is cleaner, healthier, and better tasting. When used in cooking, alkaline water helps bring out the natural taste of foods.

      • Sweeter Tasting Juices
        Using alkaline water to reconstitute your juices from
        concentrates will result in a sweeter taste with less bite
        because the acids will be neutralized.
      • Better Tasting Coffee and Teas
        As with juices, all your beverages made with ionized water will
        be less acid tasting.
      • Natural Colored Vegetables
        Vegetables will retain a natural texture and color, bright
        greens and yellows.
      • Fluffier Grains
        Rice and rolled oats will be fluffier after being boiled in
        water from your Jupiter Water Purifier/Ionizer.

 Antioxidant Benefits

Alkaline water acts as an antioxidant, scavenging for and neutralizing harmful free-radicals. Because alkaline water has the ability to give up electrons, it can
effectively neutralize and block free-radical damage to the body.

Ionized alkaline water seeks out free-radicals and converts them into oxygen
which your body can use for energy production and tissue oxygenation.

 Oxygenates the Body

Ionized water contains hydroxyl ions which are oxygen molecules with an extra
electron attached to them.

In the same way mountain stream water passing over the surface of rocks picks up electrons and oxygen, hydroxyl ions scavenge for free radicals, which are unstable oxygen molecules that cause cellular damage.

When the hydroxyl molecule and the free radicals collide, the body is provided
with high levels of oxygen which improves energy levels.

 pH Balancer

Alkaline water helps balance the body's pH which tends to be acidic because of
our high acid food diet, stress and exposure to environmental toxins such as smog.

Water Ionizers have several levels of alkalinity. You can begin by drinking mildly
alkaline water, slowly increasing the alkalinity to cleanse your body of acid wastes.

Detoxification Benefits

The body can be detoxified by the daily use of alkaline water form a water ionizer. Acid wastes collected in the body over years of improper diet and daily stress can cause inflammation, low energy levels, immune suppression, and can lead to more serious health conditions.

Drinking alkaline water daily can neutralize the acidity and wash acid waste products from cells and tissues.

Some Uses of Acid Water

  • Skin Care
    • Natural astringent for improving complexions. Improves smoothness and elasticity of the skin. It removes skin oil and greasy dirt without harsh chemicals.
    • Soaking in warm acidic ionized water may improve healing from athletes foot, rashes, nail fungus infections and insect bites.
  • Hair Care
    Natural hair conditioner.
  • Antiseptic
    Highly antiseptic for cuts, abrasions, and wounds.
  • Use as a mouthwash after brushing teeth. (Not to be consumed)
  • Acid-loving Plants will thrive
    • Helps promote plant and vegetable growth
    • Cut flowers last longer
    • Reduces fungus on rose bushes


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