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Once you have purchased the juicer that suits your needs you are ready to reap the abundant health benefits of juicing.

Whenever possible use organically grown fruits and vegetables for juicing.  Organic produce is grown and harvested without the use of harmful pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers or growth stimulating chemicals.

If organic produce is not available in your area consider using the new Electric Produce Cleaning Machines now on the market to protect your family from pesticides and from bacteria.  See Fruit and Vegetable Washers.

Prior to juicing (if you do not use an automatic vegetable washer) always wash your fruits and vegetables by holding them under running water, and when necessary use a vegetable brush to scrub them.

Fruits that should be peeled before juicing include oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, kiwis and papayas.  The peels of citrus fruits can impart a bitter flavor to the juice.  Try to keep some of the white rind because it is high in bioflavanoids, and an important antioxidant.

Buy small amounts of fruits and vegetables at a time to insure freshness, usually only what you can use in one week.  Always store the washed produce in the refrigerator in plastic bags to retain maximum freshness and nutrient potency.

Most fruits and vegetables still have to be sliced or cut into pieces or strips to accommodate the feeding tube of your juicer.  The new Extra Large Feeding Chutes on some the the juicers such as the Breville Juicers can actually juice 5 or 6 carrots at a time without pre-cutting.  After you have completed several juicing sessions you will be able to readily determine the size to cut your fruits and vegetables for easy feeding into your specific juicer.

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