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Jump Sport Fitness Trampoline

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Introducing Elastic Cords...

Jump Sport has taken bouncing to the next level using Elastic Cords.

The Fitness Trampoline employs proprietary formulated elastic cords.
Unlike the jarring sensation found with steel-coil spring rebounders,
the elastic cords provide a smooth, low-impact bounce that is
nearly silent. This new technology outlasts the competition
by over 3x the number of cycles!

Jump Sport Fitness Trampoline


  • Experience the joy of the bounce - a fun, exhilarating total body workout
  • FlexBounce™ Technology - gives a deep, smooth, high performance bounce. Proprietary EnduroLast™ Elastic Cords (elastic springs) are virtually silent allowing you to use this anytime, day or night. Models 350 and 370 have adjustable firmness.
  • Six Stylish arched legs offer unmatched stability and provide an exceptionally safe platform. This allows for a wider variety of exercises and the stacking of multiple units for compact storage - a big plus for fitness clubs and schools.
  • Stable and Safe frame maintains the stylish appearance of your own home and adds an extra layer of durability.
  • The 33.5" mat extends over the EnduroLast™ Cords, giving you more freedom to move, without feeling constricted.


Quality Health Appliances

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