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Jupiter Neptune Water Ionizer
Discontinued Model

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Quality Health Appliances

Jupiter Science's latest model - the Neptune - offers quality features plus the super efficiency, reliability and great value typical of all Jupiter Science products and research.

  • pH Selection Range at 4 levels (Plus 3 acid settings and a
    filter-only option)
  • Easy installation of unit next to or over sink – Comes with everything needed to install unit including wall-mounted option.
  • Fully automated system using MICOM artificial intelligence with 4 meg ram semiconductor
  • Platinum Titanium Electrodes with Advanced Polymer Patented Technology.
  • Extra calcium addition to water through calcium port.
  • Overheating prevention, including hot water automatic shut off
  • Automatic turn on, shut off when water pressure is applied.
  • Automatic turn-on, shut-off via the incoming water "switch"/tap.
  • Automatic Indicator Alert when Filter Requires Replacement
  • Stainless steel outlet hose for alkaline water.
  • Extended Product Life by Self-Cleaning Mechanism.
  • Automatic cleaning when machine turns on (This can manually be turned off)
  • Musical alert when using cosmetic cleaning cycle
  • Warranty: The Jupiter Science 5 year warranty provides three years parts and labor, from purchase date, with FREE shipping (both ways).
    Free shipping, free parts and free labor for the first 3 years ( You pay nothing).
    For years 4 and 5, parts are free and you pay for the labor (Maximum of $100. charge). Repair depots are available on the east and west coast.


    • A. Electrolysis Chamber (Water Cell)
      The Neptune's water cell is powerful, giving you ample pH and ORP when used with almost any USA approved council water source.
    • Like the Jupiter Melody, the Jupiter Neptune water cell is designed to drain completely so that there is no standing water in the cell between uses. One of the reasons that the Neptune water ionizer is programmed to go into an automatic clean cycle with every use is so that all of the standing water will be purged out. If water was allowed to remain between uses the water would not be fully ionized and could absorb flavors resulting from lime build-up within the cell.
    • B. Semi-Automatic Cleaning
      The Neptune will automatically go into a clean cycle each time you turn your ionizer on using the power button. If however, you simply turn off the water flow then your Neptune will go into sleep mode and will awaken when water is turned on again. If the power button is not used then there is no auto clean and you should manually clean your unit at least once every day.
    • C. Coral Calcium Port and LED Filter Life Indicator
      The Neptune comes with an inbuilt coral calcium port (just like the Melody) and has a digital counter showing the estimated life of your included Biostone filter.
      Filter available in .1 or .01 Micron Size.


Jupiter Neptune
Water Ionizer

Discontinued Model

See the Jupiter Venus

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for Optional Accessories
For Jupiter Neptune
Water Ionizer

  • Replacement Filters
  • Pre Filters for Iron,
    Arsenic/Fluoride/Lead, Chlorine
  • Pre-Filter Housing
  • Calcium Cartridge
  • Books


Input Voltage: 110V / 50 Hz
Power Consumption: .5A (110w)
Weight: 5.5 kg. (12 lb)
8.9 x 5.1 x 13.4 inches
pH Levels: Approx. 5.5 pH to 9.9 pH (depends on water sources)
Water Pressure Tolerances : 9.5-85 PSI
Water Temperature : 4 ~ 30¡É
Electrolysis method: One touch Auto Start
Electrolysis Strength: 5 Settings
Flow Rate:
Approx 1 gal/min
Cleaning System: Auto & Manual
Electrode materials: Platinum Titanium
Filter Replacement:Click Out Fit
Filter Life: Approx. 6-9 months or 1000 gal
Filter Indicator: LED
Filter Composition: MTF
Chlorine Removal: < 0.05PPM
Hot Water Protection Sensor: Auto Shut Off
Water Connection: Tap


EOS anti-scaling device
Anti-Scaling Device for Water Ionzers


User Control Panel Enlarged

The Neptune controls have been designed with
the Western kitchen in mind.

The new control panel is membrane sealed making it
easy to clean with insured reliability

Top Row Lights:
Warning/Indication LED Computerized lights for

  • FILTER LIFE LED - goes up to 9,999.
  • Highest pH setting. Ideal for COOKING etc. (Button 4)
  • COFFEE / TEA and high pH Drinking Water. (Button 3)
  • Ideal for PASTA / RICE etc. (Button 2)
  • Low Alkaline pH. Start for DRINKING WATER (Button1)
  • No Change in pH - Filtered water only. Good for SOME MEDICATIONS. (Filtered Button)
  • 3 Settings for ACID WATER - For cleaning, skin, plants etc. NOT for drinking. (Cosmetic Button )


*Free Shipping offer applies only to continental U.S.
Call for shipping charges to Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the U.S.

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