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Shiatsu Leg Massager
Model USJ-559A
Includes Calf, Ankle and Foot
The Complete Leg Massage

Fern's Nutrition - Evergain Kneading Massager

The Shiatsu Leg Massager is designed to work on your calves, feet, and ankles at the same time.

Experience total lower-leg relief with rubber kneading discs, reflexology pressure-point rollers, and soothing vibration.

It includes

  • 3 pre-set massage programs
  • 3 vibration modes
  • Easy-to-use controls - Large, clear buttons are easy to understand, and allow you to customize your massage experience effortlessly
  • Carry handles on the side - Large, rounded handles on both sides blend seamlessly into the design of the massager, and provides a sage sturdy grip for convenient transport.
  • Adjustable tilt rest that allows you to use the massager at a comfortable angle. A simple tilt bar flips out from the bottom, angling the massage unit to suit your position.


Soothing Vibration Board - Powerful, yet soothing vibration radiates from the center of each footplate, which loosens muscles, stimulates circulation, and numbs pain.

3 Vibration Modes:

• Rhythmic Vibration
• Continuous High-Speed Vibration
• Continuous Low-Speed Vibration

Deep Kneading

Powerful Kneading Action - The dense rubber pads rotate and press against the calves and sides of the feet, producing a kneading effect that relieves sore muscles.


• Rhythmic Squeeze 1
• Rhythmic Squeeze 2
•Continuous Rhythmic Squeeze


Each function can be activated independently, so you can mix-and-match settings to get just the right Shiatsu leg massage that you'll benefit from the most!


Shiatsu Leg Massager
Shiatsu Leg Massager
With Programmable Feature

Price: $360.00 Free Shipping*

Buy Kneading Massager

Shiatsu Leg Massager


Use Your Shiatsu Leg Massager in Different Positions
for Different Results

Evergain Kneading Massager

Evergain Kneading Massager

Evergain Kneading Massager

Evergain Kneading Massager

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