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Genesis Platinum Seven Plate
Model 8090
Discontinued Model
Quality Health Appliances

With 300 watts of power,
the Genesis Platinum can create the perfect water for any situation, including the best drinking water for you and your family.

Plus it has 7 platinum titanium plates, 76 levels of pH and ORP adjustment, a large LCD seven color screen, and two .1 micron multi-stage activated carbon filters to get your tap water clean.


  • 7 Platinum Titanium Plates
    Covers a surface area of 200 sq. inches. Made from the most precious materials on earth.
  • 76 Programmable pH and ORP Levels
    The Genesis Platinum allows you to program nearly any pH and ORP combination so you may easily customize pH and ORP to the level that's right for you and your family.
  • Premium Dual Filtration
    Genesis Platinum uses a premium acitvated carbon filter as well as a specialized media filter to improve the filtration of tap water contaminants including fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals. Details
  • Smart Filtration Technology (SFT)
    Microchips are built into the outside of the filter casings which monitor filter life & contamination levels and indicate the exact time to change your filter.
  • SMPS Power Control System
    Applies stable power overcoming issues such as heat, noise and loss of power.
  • Full Size Color LCD Screen
    For displaying pH & ORP estimations + reading the auto-diagnosis system, filter life, flow rate, and more.
  • Automatic Water Flow Control
    The Genesis Platinum was designed with ease of use in mind. There is no need to manually adjust your water flow. The Genesis Platinum system will automatically turn your water on, filter it, and ionize it. Another smart feature of the Genesis Platinum.
  • Automatic Cleaning System
    The Genesis Platinum automatically cleans as you use it. No waiting, just fresh, ionized water every time.
  • Smart Auto-Diagnosis System
    The Genesis Platinum continually monitors six internal operating systems ensuring product safety & optimal performance.
  • Automatic Draining System
    Drains water from the electrolysis cell system and filter, to enhance full system cleaning and greatly expand the life-span of the Genesis Platinum system above and beyond other standard ionizer systems.
  • Automatic pH and ORP Control and Display
    Auto controls the pH and ORP of your water by adjusting the ionization according to the mineral content of your tap water. This allows the Genesis Platinum to estimate and display the pH and ORP of your water.
  • Advanced Voice Prompt System
    The Genesis Platinum notifies you of each system function with soothing voice prompts, chimes, and soft music, all of which have five volume levels, as well as mute.
  • Real Time Water Flow Data
    Monitors and displays the exact water flow rate, ensuring accurate pH and ORP levels in your water.
  • Contemporary Design
    The sleek look & compact design of the Genesis Platinum can easily fit in with any decor in your kitchen or home.
  • Superior Materials All Genesis Platinum systems utilize quality machinery, leak proof stainless steel adapters & non-toxic food-grade hose and plumbing. More reasons why Genesis Platinum is the smart choice!

Genesis Platinum Specifications

Manufacturing Company: EOS
Name of Model Lydia 8090
Water supply type: Direct connection to tap water
Warranty: 5 years parts and labor.
Rated Power Supply: AC 100-120V 50-60Hz
Electrical consumption: 300W
Dimension/Size: 340x340x150 (H x W x D) mm
Weight: 5.9kg
Installation Position: Countertop and wall mounted
Water Supply Type: Faucet diverter connection
pH Range: Approximately 2.5 - 12 pH (4-10 pH preset)
Controlling Method: Touch
Temperature Range: 5°C ~ 40°C
Available Water Pressure: 1.5~5.0kgf/cm2
Electrolysis Method: Continuous Electrolysis
Water Generating Capacity: 1.1 ~ 3.5L/min
Electrolysis Ability:4 levels of Alkaline water, 4 levels
of acidic water
Electrolysis Cell: 7 sheets of platinum coated titanium
Electrode Sheet Wash: Automatic cleaning (cleaning time: approx. 30 seconds)
Filter Implementation: Dual Cartridge Filters: First filter: can handle about 4,000l, Second filter: can handle 8000 liters.
Filter Material Three layered sediment filter, granular activated carbon, silver-containing activated carbon, Ceramic ball
Filter Life Indicator: LCD display


Discontinued Model
Genesis Platinum
Model 8090
7 Plate Water Ionizer
Two Extra Plates and
5 years parts, labor & shipping warranty!

The Genesis Platinum tops out at a range of 12.5 pH to 2.0 pH! Almost the entire pH range! Even if you had nine plates, or twelve plates, or even more than that, you can't ionize the water any more.

This is all you and your family will even need to create the perfect drinking water at 9.5 pH, disinfectant water below 2.3 pH, or even a natural detergent above 11 pH. With the Genesis Platinum, you get everything!

Genesis Platinum 7 Plate
Model 8090


Optional Add-on in the Shopping Cart
Buy an Extra Set of Replacement Dual Filters

Order Replacement Filters Only

Dual Filters: Filter #1 and Filter #2


LCD Screen

No other water ionizer communicates to you like the Genesis Platinum! It tells you the filter life remaining for the number one and number two filters. It tells you the water flow in liters per minute. It displays the pH of the water as well as the ORP (by pressing the "set" button). If there is a problem with the Genesis, it displays an error code to tell you what's the problem. In the Genesis setup, it displays the 76 different ionization levels, the volume, the dozens of ORP levels, and so much more!

Why should you buy
the Genesis Platinum Water Ionizer?

  • 300 watts of power. Compare to other water ionizers and you'll see the Genesis Platinum has the power you need to create the perfect water for you and your family.
  • 5 Years Unlimited Parts, Labor, and Shipping Warranty. Most of our competitors have heavy limitations in their warranties. We want you to use and enjoy your Genesis Platinum, so ionize as much water as you want! If anything goes wrong, we pay for the shipping to get it fixed!
  • FDA Listing. See below. The Genesis Platinum is listed with the US FDA as a medical device, which is required by law of all medical devices.
  • NRTL Certified. The Genesis Platinum has the NRTL safety approval.
  • Fair Pricing. At $1695, the Genesis Platinum is the top water ionizer on the market at the best price.
  • Slotted Plates. The Genesis Platinum comes with patented slotted plate technology that utitlizes all of the plate during ionization, making sure edges aren't worn like with solid plates, drastically increasing the lifespan of the plate
  • SMPS Electrical System. This electrical system runs much cooler than a transformer without wasted electricity in the form of heat, which damages components over time.
  • Lifetime guarantee on plates and electrical system. If anything ever goes wrong with the plates or electrical system inside the Genesis Platinum, we replace them for free.

*Free Shipping offer applies only to continental U.S.
Call for shipping charges to Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the U.S.

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