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KYK Harmony Water Ionizer
"Water as it was meant to be"

The KYK Harmony
is a Discontinued Model
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Replacement Filter for
KYK Harmony Water Ionizer
KYK Harmony Water Ionizer
Replacement Filter
0.1 Micron
Price: $79.00

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What Makes the
KYK Harmony Water Ionizer Different?

1) Double Sized Plates,
2) Adjusting Ionization, and the
3) SMPS Electrical System
4) Five Year Warranty!

Special Features:

  • 5 Platinum Plated Electrodes
    • Highest Quality and Durability
      The KYK Harmony Water Ionizer uses five platinized-titanium plates that are double the average size of most other water ionizer's and also thicker. Pictured right: the top plate is the average water ionizer plate size, the bottom is the KYK Harmony plate.
    • Automatically Adjusts Ionization to Match Your Water
      By using thicker and larger electrode sheets that automatically control the electrical voltage and current to match the mineral content of the incoming water, the KYK Harmony produces consistent alkaline water of premium quality.
  • Advanced SMPS System - Increased Lifespan
    The KYK Harmony Water Ionizer is equipped with the SMPS system that does not use a transformer. Thus it reduces not only heat but noise, weight, and loss of power from using a transformer. The advanced SMPS electrical system is the coolest ever created, reducing heat related stress to a minimum, making the estimated life span of the unit 30 years or more.
  • Filter Life Indicator
    Easier to Use

    The KYK Harmony Ionizer measures water intake by actual liters produced instead of using a filter timer like most other water ionizers. Thus, the KYK Harmony will accurately tell you when to change your filter. The life expectancy of the filter is 1 year or 7000 liters.
  • Advanced Filtration
    Advanced filtration is essential to premium ionized water. The KYK Harmony uses seven levels of filtration including including high quality activated carbon, calcium, antifungal felt, and more.
    • The KYK Harmony filter is the superior .01 micron filter and adds calcium to your water.
    • The KYK Harmony filter removes 99.99% of pollutants from your drinking water, making it the safest and tastiest available.
    • KYK Filtration Results by National Testing Laboratories, LTD: Results from a filtered municipal water sample from Gaithersburg, MD, 3/15/06: KYK Harmony filter was effective in removing all the bacteria, chlorine, mercury, aluminum, and pesticides from the tap water. It kept a reasonable amount of minerals like selenium, calcium, and magnesium in the water so that it can be ionized. It also removed all the toxic metals.

  • Easy-To-Read Color Coded LCD Screen
    Instantaneously measures pH and ORP
    • pH Indicator: The KYK Harmony comes with a built in pH sensor that accurately tells you the pH of your water and even displays the corresponding color on the screen. (7 different colors)

    • ORP Indicator: Press the function button, and the KYK Harmony will accurately tell you the ORP of your water and also display the color on the screen. The KYK Harmony can create an ORP between -400 and -600 in ideal conditions and the preset levels are designed to create the optimal pH and ORP for your body. The ORP and pH are adjustable to as many as 64 levels.
  • Warranty:
    All KYK water ionizers come with a
    • Five year warranty
    • 60 day money back guarantee
    • chlorine and pH measuring drops
    • easy to use installation valves and tubes
    • instruction manual.

KYK Harmony Water Ionizer
Model KYK 9040
Discontinued Model

See the KYK Genesis 30000 - 7 Plate
See the KYK Generation II - 7 Plate







The KYK Harmony creates water that is scientifically enhanced to match the activated hydrogen and alkaline chemical structure of the world-famous water of Lourdes, France.

Uses for varying ph levels:

  • 10.0-9.5 pH
    Strong to Medium Alkaline
    Good for washing fruit, vegetables and when cooking foods with high acid content like meat. Used to make soup and to cook rice.
  • 9.0 - 8.5 pH
    Standard Low Alkaline
    Standard drinking water for adults. Also can be used for baby formula.
  • 7.0-5.5 pH
    Purified To Low Acidic
    Use this level when taking medication and bathing sensitive skin.
  • 3.0 pH
    Strong Acidic
    Good for sanitizing cutlersy and sponges, brushing teeth and sanitizing hands. Great for acne or rashes.

 Specifications for
KYK Harmony Water Ionizer:

Input Voltage: 110V
Power Consumption: 200 watts
Dimensions: 9.8 W x 13.4 H x 5.7 D (in.)
Weight: 3 kg ( 6.6 lbs.)
ph Range: Approx. 2.5 - 12 pH
Maximum Water Temp.: 35 degrees C
Available Water Pressure: .7 -- 3kg/ccm
Electrolysis method: Continuous with flow sensor
Electrolysis Strength: 9 Settings
Handling Capacity: 2 liters of alkaline water/min.
Cleaning System: Automatic - controlled by MyCom.
Electrode materials: Platinum CoatedTitanium
Filter Life: Approx. 7000 liters or 1 year
LCD Screen: Text messages, pH levels, state of water flow, number of liters used and ORP
Filter Composition: Active carbon (with silver added) that removes residual sodium, fungal smell, organic chemicals, and noxious odor (CaSO3)
Temperature Control: Auto Shut Off
Water Connection: Direct connection to tap.

Replacement Filter for
KYK Harmony Water Ionizer
KYK Harmony Water Ionizer
.01 Micron Replacement Filter
Price: $79.00

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