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The Max Pro Body Massager
Model USJ-330
Professional Shiatsu Massager


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Max Pro Massager

Body Massager The Max
Upper Back Lower Back

Body Massager The Max
Sole of the Feet

Body Massager The Max

Body Massager The Max
Neck, Arms, Shoulders

  • The Max Helps to Eliminate Stress
  • Relieves Pain
  • Reduces Cellulite
  • Reflexology Foot MassageTechnical

    Body Massager The Max


  • Model Number: USJ-330
  • Box Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 11 in
  • Rated Voltage: 120 V
  • Rated Power: 40 W
  • Rated Frequency: 60 Hz

The MAX PRO Massager

A heavy-duty multi-purpose body massager featuring a large vibrating pad, ideal for professional massage therapists and chiropractors.

Its chrome construction will hold up after years
f regular use and is easy to clean.

The Max Pro features a large, curved pad designed to fit the
shape of your body. Its round, sturdy rubberized handle
ensures a secure grip and easy maneuvering.

The variable-speed dial allows a range of options between
a strong vibration and a tapping massage.

Four different interchangeable head attachments are included to further
customize your experience, and include metal steel tapping
heads and a rubberized multi-node head.

Massager Features:

  • Shiatsu Knobs
    Enjoy finger pressure therapy called Shiatsu by using the interchangeable sets of Shiatsu knobs.

    Body Massager The Max knobsBody Massager The Max

  • Contoured Pad
    The anatomically designed large pad fits your body contour Body Massager The Maxfor effective, all over massage.
  • Round Handle - The Max Body Massager is designed with a comfortable handle for a secure grip. It also ensures stability when the unit is placed upside down on the floor for an energizing foot massage.
  • Consistent Effect
    Concentric motion of the powerful motor gives a relaxing and consistent stimulation.
  • Massage Intensity
    Massage speed is easily controlled with the speed dial (low-medium -high). You can also vary the intensity by applying harder or softer pressure.
  • Quality
    Special care taken in construction and workmanship of the Max Massager.
  • Includes:
    Optional 4 attachments and reflexology chart for foot massage.

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