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Oscillating Massage Belt
With Heat Therapy

For Your Back, Legs, Thighs,
Calves, Abdomen ...

Fern's Nutrition - Massagers

The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Massager

Use this Oscillating Belt for your shoulders
and your back. For a soothing leg massage,
wrap the belt around you thighs or calves.
The oscillating nodes energize and
soothe muscle groups in you back,
abdomen buttocks, thighs and
other areas while you relax.


  • Oscillation - Double Point Massage Technology
    The massage belt gives you an invigorating massage unlike conventional devices that merely rely on vibration.
    Dual Massage Nodes work with the shape of our body to relieve tension, increase circulation, and energize tired muscles.
  • Dual Massage Programs -
    • The variable speed buttons allow you to manually choose five levels of speed and intensity, from a strong vibration to a tapping massage.
    • You can also select the Mode button for a rhytmic massage program that varies the speed and intensity.
  • Built-in Heat Therapy - The heat feature adds warmth to all massage programs. You can also select a heat-only mode, ideal for warming and soothing sore back, legs and calves.
  • Easy to Use Remote Control includes:
    • On-Off button
    • Heat selection button
    • Mode selection button
    • Reverse selection button
    • Speed increase button
    • Speed decrease button
  • Timer with 10 minute auto timer
  • Free Gift - Trim-Lined Carrying case.

You can wrap this belt with Velcro around your legs, thighs, calves, and arms or you can use it for your back, shoulders, or neck.

Oscillating Massage Belt

Regular Use Can:

1) Tone your body with its unique oscillating movement. This massage belt's slimming function, used in conjuction with a sensible diet, effectively burns body fat and reduces weight gain.
2) Provide a well-deserved rest after a hard day's work with the feel of a private personal massage
3)Aid the digestion process with its variable-speed intensity.
4) Encourage better blood circulation at the points of contact and reduce muscle fatigue.


Oscillating Massage Belt

Just a few minutes can help
you feel relaxed and
refreshed all day long

Oscillating Massage Belt
Oscillating Massage Belt
with Heat Therapy
Model USJ-112

Price: $99.95

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100-240 V / 50-60HZ
Power: Max 60 W
Time per Session: 10 Minutes
Gross Weight 6.75 lbs.
Net Weight: 5.5 lbs.


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