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Revelation 2
Turbo Undersink Water Ionizer
with 9 Plates
Quality Health Appliances

Engineered by EOS Hi Tech, the state of the art
Revelation 2 Undersink Water Ionizer is a welcomed innovation in the area of water ionization. Compact design makes for a powerful addition to practically any kitchen of any size. Enhanced performance capabilities make it possible to clean and ionize all types of water.

* Nine Plates

* 76 Programmable pH levels.

* Beautiful 7 color LCD screen.

* pH and ORP display

* Sixteen stage dual filter system

* Patented slotted plates that are the highest quality in the world plus a cool running SMPS power system.

Product Description - State of the Art

  • New! Turbo Button. One simple push creates the strongest pH water: 11 + pH alkaline and
    a 2 pH and below acid - perfect for cooking, cleaning, and disinfecting.
  • Nine Platinum-Titanium Plates. With patented EOS slotted plate technology.
  • 325 watts. The power necessary to ionize virtually any US water.
  • SMPS Electrical System. Reduces heat and increases ionization precision.
  • 76 pH Levels.More than any other water ionizer! Customizability to fit any water.
  • 7 Color LCD Screen. Displays pH, ORP, filter life, and more.
  • 16 Stage Filter System. Sulphite free.
    The new Revelation 2 Undersink Water Ionizer also introduces the most sophisticated filtration system for any water ionizer, touting two internal filters with sixteen stages to clean, condition, and revitalize your water before it is even ionized!
    • Filter 1: Offers seven levels of treatment including four anti-bacterial felts, a sediment filter, ion exchange resin for fluoride removal, and activated carbon.
    • Filter 2: Offers a large section of silver activated carbon filtration, pure calcium, activated carbon, ceramic ball, as well as five more anti-bacteria felts. We take pride in keeping you and your family safe from bacteria, chlorine, and other contaminants that threaten your health and well being. After your tap water passes through both filters, it comes out fresh, smooth, and ready to be ionized!
    • This two filter system cuts out the need for most prefilters, so for most customers the Revelation is ready to go right out of the box! The filter life for these filters is displayed on the screen. So you know exactly when to replace your filters.
  • Unsurpassed Design. Designed by top EOS engineers to look great and perform better than any other water ionizer.
  • Automatic Cleaning System. Industry leading. Senses contaminants on plates and only cleans when necessary, so water and energy aren’t wasted.
  • 5 Year Parts, Labor, and Shipping Warranty, Lifetime Warranty on Plates. Some companies are offering limited Lifetime warranties. This warranty is unlimited and covers everything for five years!

Revelation 2 Turbo Undersink Ionizer Specifications

Manufacturing Company: EOS
Spigot: 10.25 in. tall, 2.25 in. wide
Weight: 21 pounds
Flow rate: 2.0 to 4.0 liters per minute
pH Range: 1.5 to 12.5 (depending on source water)
Warranty: 5 Year parts and labor

Revelation Water Ionizer

Revelation 2 Turbo Undersink Water Ionizer
9 Plate Water Ionizer
Undersink Model
(Base Unit is installed
under the counter. Faucet above is
installed on top of the Kitchen Sink)

Price: $2,495.00 Buy Revelation 2 Water Ionizer

Revelation 2 Water Ionizer


The Revelation 2 faucet is designed for ease of use. It has two movable arms to dispense alkaline and acid water. When you select an alkaline level, the alkaline water comes out of the top arm, while the acid water comes out out of the bottom arm, making collection of both waters simple! Simple controls make using the Revelation 2 a breeze!

Faucet Operation:

Revelation 2 Faucet Buttons

There are four levels of alkaline water, four levels of acid water, and a pure water button. To select the level of alkaline water you want, simply push the ALKALINE button until the pH you want is displayed, then press “on” to get that water. Want acid water? Just press the ACID button. Want filtered-only water? Just press the PURE button! Want TURBO water? Hold down the alkaline water button for five seconds and you’ll get the strongest alkaline and acid water instantly!


The Revelation base sits under your sink. It houses two filters, nine plates, and the electrical system. There is an inlet for plugging in the power cord. Underneath the base there are inlets for connecting the alkaline and acid water tubes. Installation is simple.

Call for shipping charges to Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the U.S.

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