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Nik Schmidtt Fermenting Crock Pot
Made in Germany

Fern's Nutrition

Styled after the traditional European fermenting pots, these Nik Schmidtt fermenting crocks are made for easier use.

  • Nik Schmidtt Fermenting Crock Pots are designed for making sizable batches of sauerkraut or preserving food for a large family or emergencies.
  • Lead-free, food-safe glaze will not retain foods' flavors and makes cleanup easy
  • The Schmidtt Fermenting Crock Pot has two semicircular weight stones rest on top of food and create pressure needed for proper fermentation.
  • When the gutter around the rim is filled with water and the heavy lid placed on top, an air-tight seal forms to protect food from air and decay.

    Nik Schmidt Fermenting Crock


  • These Nik Schmidtt fermenting crocks can be kept in a cool place for months, letting the vegetables inside ferment naturally.
  • Color: Rustic dark brown with rounded handles


Fermented vegetables like sauerkraut are recognized as some of the healthiest foods and are high in vitamins (especialy Vitamin C, and the B Vitamins and enzymes.

Most importantly, real fermented vegetables provide beneficial digestive bacteria. Adding fermented vegetables to your diet can improve digestive health by bringing balance to intestinal flora.


Suitable for almost all types of vegetables including cabbage, pumpkin,
cucumber, carrots, and more.

 Nik Schmidt Fermenting Crock

Nik Schmidtt Fermenting Crock Pot
This traditional Stoneware pot does not
require special storage or care and
is neutral for all fermented vegetables.

Choose from 4 Sizes
Model Capacity Height
Diameter (inches) Weight
ME3205  5 Liter  12.5"  10.25"   12.1  Price: $119.95Buy K&K Keramik Fermenting Crock
ME3210  10 Liter  14.25" 12"  18.9   Price: $135.95Buy K&K Keramik Fermenting Crock
ME3215 15 Liter  16.25" 11.5"   19.7   Price: $175.95Buy K&K Keramik Fermenting Crock
ME3220   20 Liter 17"   14..25"   25.4    Price: $229.95Buy K&K Keramik Fermenting Crock

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