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Soymilk Machine
Model SB-130 & Model SB-132

Sleek, Elegant and Easy

Fern's Nutrition

 Soyabella Soy Milk Maker

Soyabella Makes
Soy Milk
Rice Milk
Almond Milk
Rice Paste
Sesame Paste
Almond Paste

Soyabella Converts into a Dry-Food Grinder!
Accessories included to change your soymilk maker into a grinder for grinding coffee beans, etc.

Soyabella Model SB-130
Fern's Price: $109.95

New Soyabella SB-132
Soyabella has introduced a new Model SB-132

  • Tofu Maker
  • Stainless Steel lid

Soyabella Model SB-132
Fern's Price: $119.00

All other features are identical to the SB-130Soyabella

Soyabella - Two Models Available
Automatic Soymilk Maker

New Soyabella™ Soymilk Maker maximizes
the nutritious benefits of soy beans and
other whole grains with the added
benefit of homemade freshness .

  • Stainless-steel carafe with a sleek and contemporary black trim
  • Features different program settings that allow you to easily control temperature and grinding time with a single touch.
  • Makes fresh soymilk, bean milk, rice milk, as well as porridge, rice paste and sesame paste.
  • Achieves outstanding results with dry or soaked ingredients.
  • Easy to Use: Simply add soybeans and water to the Soyabella soymilk maker.
  • Fast, 15 minute operation
  • One touch, fully automatic
  • Patented helical grinding blade with serrated edge is capable of grinding dried beans and grains to rich smooth consistency.

    Converts into a dry-food grinder.
    Use it as a mill and grinder with
    the included accessories.

     Soyabella grinder

  • Stainless Steel Carafe, Filter and Grinding Head for easy cleanup.
  • CheckUnique Feature: Water heater is built into the water chamber
    for safety and for easier cleaning. This unique feature makes the Soyabella unlike other soymilk makers which have the heating element attached to the grinder.
  • Specifications:
    • Motor Power: 220 Watts
    • Rated Power Consumption: 750 Watts
    • Blade Speed: 11,000 rpm
    • Capacity: Approx. 1 quart
    • Dimensions: 11" H x 9" L x 7" W
    • Weight: 5lbs.


  • Included in the Soybella Soymilk Maker with Grinding Unit :
    • Porridge/Paste screen
    • Milk screen
    • Grinder cup
    • Utility Cup (for setting the motor head upright when detached
      from the unit)
    • Measuring cup
    • Cleaning brush
    • Cleaning pad

Soyabella Parts


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