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Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator D-14
With 14 Shelves and Touch Screen Controller

Quality Dehydrators at Discount Prices

Stainless Steel Dehydrator
for Commercial or Home Use

Featuring a New and Greatly Improved, Multi-Functional and User-Friendly
Touch Screen Controller.

Using a PDA’s stylus, dull end of a pen, eraser end of a pencil, or your finger, go through the easy to understand and vividly designed screens to enter/run your specific drying parameters.

The D-14 Stainless Steel Dehydrator is ingeniously design for increased efficiency with solid engineering and craftsmanship for years of worry-free dependability.

Touch Screen Controller:

  • Quick Start-Ideal for Drying Projects that only need one consistent set temperature for a predetermined amount of time at an optimal Fan Speed. For Example: 145° F / 6 Hrs / Low Fan Speed
  • My Recipes-Allows you to setup your own Customized Drying Projects. You can set Temperature and/or Fan Speed adjustment (called “Steps”).
    For Example: Apple Chips #2 - Step #1 @ 160° F / 2 Hrs / High , Step #2 @ 145° F / 4 Hrs / Med , Step #3 @ 135° F / 2 Hrs / Low
  • Run Fans Only-Useful as a cooling sequence for product that may need cooling before removal. Also can be used to cool dehydrator after a long heat cycle.
  • Run Last Program-This will Run the last program that was selected from the My Recipes list. Will display the user entered name of program in space below icon.


  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Equipped with 4 Heating Elements
  • Powered by 800 Watts Each
  • Removable Rear Heating Panels
  • Touch Screen Controller
  • Display Shows Total Elapsed Time, Time Remaining for current Step, Program Name (User Created), Fan Speed (Low, Medium High), Temperature Inside Unit and Set Temperature, and Relative Humidity.
  • Louvered Door - facilitates moisture removal
  • Over 36 square feet of drying space - You will be able to dry as much as 21 lbs. of meat for jerky at a time.
  • 14 Shelves with approximately 3/8" holes on the Stainless Steel Shelf model (3/4" with the Chrome Shelf model)
  • Space between Shelves: 1-1/8”
  • Shelf Dimensions: 20 ¾” x 18”
  • Legs: 2 ½” High
  • Outside Dimensions: 30 1/8” H (with legs) x 21 ½” W x 22 ¼” L
  • Four Rear-Mounted Fan Blades
  • Four 3-Speed Motors (Low, Medium, High)
    The different speed motors featured on this food dehydrator allow you to control the intensity of the air circulation, giving you versatility to dehydrate different products. Set the fan speed on your food dehydrator to ‘High’ and dehydrate thick slices of meat for low-fat, high protein jerky. Choose ‘Low’ setting for a less vigorous fan speed and dry herbs.
  • 220/240V 50/60Hz
  • Plug Type: Twist Lock (Turnlok) L6-20P


This D-14 Stainless Steel food dehydrator provides the user with the ultimate in custom operation.

  • Attention Commercial Stores: If your ordinances require UL approval: This is a commercial unit but it does not have UL approval at this time.


Stainless Steel Dehydrator D-14
Featuring 14 Shelves
Stainless Steel Dehydrator
Model D-14

w/Chrome Shelves - 3/4" Holes
w/ Stainless Steel Shelves - 3/8" Holes

Great for drying fruits, herbs,
and vegetables.
Ideal for drying meats.

14 Shelves
(Choose from Chrome or Stainless Steel)

Chrome Shelves - 3/4"
#32628 D-14
 $2,954.99  Buy Stainless Steel Dehydrator Chrome
Stainless Steel Shelves - 3/8"
#32629 D-14
 $3,240.99  Buy Stainless Steel Dehydrator S/S
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Optional Dehydrator Accessories

 Dehydrator Liner
#32742 Non-Stick Shelf Liner
for D-14 -
Dimensions: 20 3/4" x 18"
Clean and Reuse
Ideal for making fruit snacks in your D14 dehydrator. Place this on the shelf and spread your favorite puree directly on the liner. This FDA approved food grade sheet is heat and moisture resistant for durability and is easy to clean. Must be used with either Chrome or Stainless Steel shelves.
Price: $14.99

Buy Liner

 Dehydrator Screen
#32741 Large Plastic Drying Screen
for D-14
Dimensions: 18" x 20 1/2"
with 1/4" holes.
For use with D-14 Dehydrator. To be used with either chrome or stainless steel shelves. FDA Approved.
Price: $14.99

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 Dehydrator Book
#71605 Book - Making & Using Dried Foods

Try the newest old-fashioned way to preserve food! Easy, economical, and nutritious. Sections on drying fruits, vegetables, meats, herbs. -- Leathers, Dried Soup Mixes --
Drying Foods For Hiking & Camping -- Drying Flower Blossoms -- Simple step by step instructions. 180 Pages.
Authored by Phyllis Hobson
 Fern's Price: $14.99

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