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Samson Ultrasonic Washer

The Samson Multi-Purpose Washer
Utilizes the Revolutionary

3D SOUL™ System

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 What is 3D?
Decontaminate * Disinfect * Deodorize

 What is SOUL?
Silver * O3 * ULtrasonic


The first technology in the Samson Multi-Purpose Washer's 3D SOUL™ system is its nanosilver coating.

Even before people knew what germs were, silver was widely known for its ability to keep water fresh. Ancient Greeks used silver jugs for their water, and American pioneers put silver coins in their milk and water to keep them from spoiling.

Germs coming in contact with silver receive a fatal dose of positively charged ions, which destroy cell walls and prevent cell division. This property of silver is currently used in bandages, medical instruments, and silver-sulfadiazine (a tropical antimicrobial cream).

Nano- is the metric prefix meaning "one billionth," e.g., "nonometer," or one billionth of a meter. The clear nanosilver coating on the Samson Multi-Purpose Washer contains 1-3 nm thin, pure silver particles.

As water circulates in the Samson Multi-Purpose Washer, germs removed from the surface of the item being cleaned, or already present in the water, come in contact with the nanosilver coating and are destroyed.


The second line of attack against germs, odors, and contaminants in the Samson Multi-Purpose Washer's 3D SOUL™ system is O3, the chemical symbol of ozone, also know as activated oxygen.

O3 is formed naturally in the earths atmosphere by lightning and UV rays from the sun. You have probably smelled O3 in the form of the fresh, clean smell in the air after a thunderstorm. The electricity or UV ray splits molecular oxygen, O2, into two atoms of O, which attach themselves to other O2 molecules, forming O3.

O3 is an unstable gas and decomposes to elemental oxygen in a short amount of time after generation, especially in water. Therfore, unlike chlorine, O3 kills germs and nuetralizes chemicals without harmful remainders or unpleasant odor in the water. Furthermore, O3 is conservatively estimated to be 10 times more effective than chlorine in destroying viruses and bacteria!

O3 kills microbes and neutralizes chemical pollutants through oxidation, the chemical process of oxygen binding to other molecules. This changes the chemical properties of the molecule, rendering them inert. In microbes, this results in the destruction of cell walls and disruption of cell proliferation.

O3 is FDA-approved for use as an antimicrobial agent for the treatment, storage, and processing of meat and poultry. (Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health and Human Services, 21 CFR Part 173)

On a larger scale, O3 is used at municipal facilities to disinfect and deodorize wastewater. The Samson Multi-Purpose Washer uses a 30-second cycle for optimum O3 concentration.

Radical Sterilization System

Samson Multi-Purpose Washer uses an advanced Radical Sterilization System. Radical is an element produced when O3 is resolved and has sterilization effect strong enough to destroy protoplasm.
Merits of Radical Sterilization
1. No odor specific to O
2. Oxidation speed is 17 times faster than O
3, which causes no harm to the human body.
3. Fast penetration into protoplasm of germs and fast sterilization.


The third technology in the Samson Multi-Purpose Washer's 3D SOUL ™ system is ultrasonic wave cavitation.

Ultrasonic cleaning has been used commercially in industry, medicine, dentistry, science, and the jewelry trade for decades for its effectiveness and precision. The Samson Multi-Purpose Washer is the first product to employ this technology specifically for homoe use.

Ultrasonic waves are sound waves above the upper range of human hearing, approximately 20Khz. Lower frequency ultrasonic waves have a stronger cleaning power, whereas higher frequency ultrasonic waves clean gently and are better at removing smaller debris. The Samson Multi-Purpose Washer generates mid-range ultrasonic waves in the range of 30-50 Khz, providing powerful, yet gentle, and fine cleaning.

Ultrasonic waves in liquids cause a phenomenon known as cavitation. Cavitation is the rapid formation and violent collaspe of micron-sized (1/1,000,000m) bubbles in a liquid medium. These tiny implosions release tremendous amounts of energy (temperature up to 10,000° C and up to 10,000 PSI of pressure), providing excellent cleaning power, as well as killing germs. The microscopic scale of this phenomenon prevents damage to the underlying material being cleaned, much like flying sparks produces by cutting metal fail to burn the skin. The micron scale of cavitation also allows it to clean affectively in narrow crevices, such as the layers of leafy vegatables or the space between a gem and its setting

The Samson Multi-Purpose Washer features sweep frequency technology to wash items evenly regardless of their location in the washer by varying the frequency of ultrasonic waves. The turbo mode cycles the power of the waves generated, alternately blasting away larger particles and delicately cleaning smaller particles.

The combined effects of the three technologies in the 3D SOUL ™ system result in a cleaning and disinfecting solution unmatched by any appliance or chemical cleaner.

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