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Spray Style Faucet
Installing a Water Ionizer
with a Pull-Out,
Spray-Style Faucet
(with recessed aerator)

When installing an ionizer in one of today’s modern kitchens, one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome is the pull-out, spray-style faucet. These newer model faucets are so convenient that we’re sure they’ll be around for a good long time.

With a little know-how and a few different options an ionizer can be installed in your kitchen no matter what type of faucet you have-even the difficult pull-out, spray-style with recessed aerator…

Option 1: Direct Connection to Spray-Style Faucet: If you’re planning to hook your ionIonizer Adapterizer to your pull-out, spray-style faucet with a diverter, you’ll need a special adapter because the aerator is recessed into the faucet and needs an added extension to make a diverter valve fit. In order to find this adapter, it’s important that you know exactly what to call it, “15/16, 27th male adapter for speakman style.” Because the part can be difficult to find and is not always available at your local hardware store, you may need to order it through the Internet. Using the exact words noted above, you can do a Google search and find several places selling the adapter at an average cost of four dollars.

Option 2: Cold Water Line Connection
The first option is to install a connection directly to the cold water line. There are several different adapters and fittings to make the connection and these are widely available at most hardware stores. This option leaves the spray attachment intact and operational. It also frees an expensive and nice-looking faucet from a diverter valve hanging off its side. This option requires that you find a clear path to the ionizer from under the counter top. A ¼” hole can be drilled through the counter where the back splash meets the top-it’s so small that you have to look hard to even notice it. You could even run the hose right up next to your soap dispenser.

Faucet with Undersink KitOption 3: Undersink Installation with Undersink Kit
For ionizer models which can be converted for undercounter installation there is also the option of installing an undersink kit. All you’ll need is a 1½” hole drilled through the sink or counter top. Standard plumbing fixtures use the same size hole, making it easy to slip the kit’s faucet right in through a pre-drilled soap dispenser or accessory hole.



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