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Independent Laboratory Study
of Seven Water Ionizers

Testing Date:
July 11,2008
Independent Testing Lab:
Silverstate Analytical Laboratories in Reno, NV
Project Manager:
Anthonly W. Francis, Ph.D
Report Number:
Water Ionizers Tested:
Tyent, Jupiter Science Orion, Life Ionizer 5000, KYK Harmony,
IonWays Melody, IonWays Athena, Enagic Levelux

The results of an independent Analytical Laboratory testing of a variety of water ionizers are shown.
Tbe SilverState Laboratory analyzed the ORP and pH levels of each ionizer.
Testing was done on new ionizers delivered directly from distributors.

Both the cover letter and Laboratory Report are below.

Water Ionizer Lab Report

Water Ionizer Lab Report

Water Ionizer Information

Water Ionizer Article
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About Alkaline Water
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Alkaline Benefits

Water Ionizer Article

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