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WaterwiseTM Water Distiller
Model 4000


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Waterwise 4000

Model 4000 Features:

The Waterwise Glass collector is separate from unit - Fits inside for easy travel.

Waterwise Model 4000 is Portable
Ideal for Dorms & RV's

Enjoy the Benefits and Taste of Pure, Crystal Clear Water Anytime

Using the Model 4000 couldn’t be easier. Simply fill the stainless steel boiler with tap water, press the start button, and soon you’ll be enjoying the most deliciously pure and refreshing water you’ve ever tasted.





Distillate Capacity: 6 Gallons (22.7 liters) in 24 hours
Dimensions: 15” Height,
9" Diameter
Net Weight: 8.4 Ibs
Rating 120VAC/60Hz 800W
International 240VAC/50Hz 800W

1 Year Limited Warranty
USA & Foreign Patents
CSA Certified - USA & Canada
CE Certified


Waterwise Distiller
Model 4000 - Compact Basic Unit

So compact and portable, this distiller is perfect for your home or travel. It will keep you supplied with fresh, homemade distilled water no matter where you are.

Lightweight and easy to store, this little powerhouse is a world traveler, widely used by Peace Corps volunteers with excellent results.

It will work just as well in your home or RV where space is limited. It’s so affordable you could also consider a Model 4000 for your vacation home.

  • Produces 1 Gallon in 4 hours or 6 gallons of pure water per dayWaterwise 4000 Collector Bottle
  • New Glass Collector/Storage Bottle - 1 Gallon Bottle which fits inside the distiller for storage or travel
  • Vent System reduces volatile organics
  • Stainless Steel Condenser - non leaching
  • Fixed Stainless Steel Boiling Chamber - Seamless for easy cleaning. Concealed heating element.

    Waterwise 4000 Water Distiller
  • Waterwise 4000 lift-off top provides easy access into the seamless,
    stainless steel boiling tank.

  • Carbon Post treatment filter*
  • No assembly and no installation
  • Automatic Shut-off after 1 Gallon cycle - will not boil dry.


Fern's Price: $299.00
with *Free Shipping

Call for Unadvertised Sale Pricing

Includes: Distiller, glass bottle
and 2 carbon post filter cups

*Post Filtration consists of a filter cup filled with 22 grams of pure coconut shell carbon to enhance taste and purity by adsorption and aeration.
(2 filter cups are included in model 4000.

 $39.00 6-Pack filters

To Order Replacement Filters Click Here

*Free Shipping offer applies only to continental U.S.
Call for shipping charges to Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the U.S.

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