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Kleenwise  Boiler Descaler



Specially formulated cleaner/descaler dissolves mineral scale to keep distiller in top, energy efficient operating condition. Phosphate free and biodegradable.
The 40 oz. container is about 1 year supply

How do you clean the distiller with Kleenwise Descaler?

1. Empty your distiller boiler of water and residue.
2. In a quart container, add 2 to 3 tablespoons of Kleenwise.
3. Fill container half way with warm tap water and stir to fully dissolve.
4. Pour this solution into distiller boiler.
5. Add enough warm water to cover any scale and mineral deposits.
6. Let stand several hours or until scale softens.
7. Empty boiler and rinse thoroughly.
NEVER operate your distiller while using Kleenwise




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 Post Carbon Treatment Filters
Post Filtration consists of a filter cup filled with 22 grams of pure coconut shell carbon to enhance taste and purity by adsorption and aeration. (1 filter is included in models 8800, 8500, 4000 and 9000. 6 filters are included with all models in the 7000 series)
How often do I need to change the post carbon filters?st carbon filters?
Model 4000 - Average once every 6 to 8 weeks
Model 7000 - Average once every 3 months
Model 9000 - Average once every 3 months
Model 8800 - Average once every 2 - 3 months determined by the 8800's electronic Filter Status Bar indicator

 Model 4000 Filters
Waterwise 4000 Filters

  6-Pack filters (Model 4000) $39.00
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 Model 9000 Filters
(Also fit the Model 7000 Series)
Waterwise 9000 Filters

6-Pack filters $47.00
(Model 9000 or Model 7000 Series)
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 Model 8800 Filter Bags
Waterwise 8800 Filters

6-Pack filters (Model 8800) $38.00
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Extra Collection Bottles

  Model 4000
Glass Collection Bottle
Waterwise 4000 Collection Bottle

Glass Bottle (Model 4000) $59.00
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Model 9000
Collection Bottle
Waterwise 9000 Distiller Bottle

 Collection Jug (Model 9000)
BPA Free

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