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Feature Comparison Chart For Waterwise Water Distillers
Models 8800, 9000 and 4000

 Waterwise Distiller 8800
Model 8800
Discontinued Model

 Waterwise 9000 Water Distiller 
Model 9000

Waterwise 4000 Distiller
Model 4000
 Portable, lightweight



 Distillate Capacity

 1 Gal. / 4Hrs
6 Gallons / day

  1 Gal. / 4.5Hrs
5 Gallons / day

1 Gal. / 4Hrs
6 Gallons /day
 Power  800 Watts  750 Watts  800 Watts
Programmable Operation



 "Stop & Serve"  Yes  No No
Filter Replacement Indicator  Yes   No No
30 minute delayed fan start for efficiency   No  Yes No
Removable boiling chamber for easy filling  Yes  Yes No
Stainless Steel Boiling Chamber  Yes S/S bottom with polypropylene sides. Yes
Stainless Steel Condenser   Yes   Yes Yes
Vent System to reduce volatile organics  Yes  Yes Yes
Auto Shut-off   Yes   Yes Yes
Carbon Post treatment  Yes  Yes Yes

Collector/Storage Bottle
 1 Gal. Polycarbonate
 1 Gallon Blue
GE Lexan Polycarbonate with Spigot for dispensing.


New Glass Collector/Storage Bottle - 1 Gallon Bottle which fits inside the distiller for storage or travel

Tested & Certified  UL Listed USA
& Canada
 UL Listed
CSA Certified
CE Certified
CSA Certified USA & Canada
CE Certified
Distiller Net Weight:  14.3 lbs.  10 lbs. 8.4 lbs. 
Dimensions  15.0"H x 15.4"W 10.5"D  15" H x 9.5" W 16" D 15" H x 9"Diameter
Warranty  1 year   1 year  1 year 

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