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Wheat Grass Grower
Completely Automatic

Discontinued Product

"Virtually Free" Wheatgrass

Growing Wheatgrass


 Watering-Free !

 Growing Wheatgrass

 Growing Wheatgrass

 Labor-Free !

 Mess-Free !

 Growing Wheatgrass

*No More Replacing Depleted Soil

*No More Buying Expensive Store-Grown Wheatgrass Trays

*Comes Completely Assembled

Wheatgrass Grower

  • Ideal for other sprouts and plant cloning.
  • Includes Pre-set Timer for the perfect watering schedule.
  • Color: Evergreen Green
  • Dimensions: Medium Size 17" Diameter, 5" High
  • Weight 2.7 lbs
  • Yield of Fresh Juice: 12-15 oz.

Hydroponics or Soil
Evaluating the Nutritional Value

Hydroponics simply means growing plants, such as Wheatgrass, using water instead of soil. Those researchers advocating hydroponics make the following arguments for growing Wheatgrass in water instead of soil:

Growing plants by using water means you can grow year-round, indoors, and in a small space. It just needs indirect light.

Wheatgrass grown in a soil-less medium is clean; there is no soil to discard or replace, which saves you work, money and time.

There are no soil-borne diseases, pests or weeds. No herbicides or pesticides.

Hydroponics produces Wheatgrass that is healthier, faster growing, with a shorter time to plant maturity. The nutrition needed by the rootlets is found in the seeds themselves, only water is needed to produce lush, deep-green Wheatgrass.

The rootlets of Wheatgrass do not have to use up their vital energy digging through soil to find water. The rootlets are bathed directly in water so the plants can put energy and nutrition into the leaf growth above the ground. They do not waste valuable nutrition developing deep root structure in the search for needed water, and therefore show improved growth rates and yields.

Soil vs. Non-Soil - See Test Results


Pour in Seeds and Plug it in

Wheatgrass Grower

Grow Wheatgrass
Year Round
Without the Work!

  • Automatically Grows Fresh Wheatgrass
  • Simply Plug In - The timer and water pump allow just the right amount of periodic watering to maximize harvest.
  • Two Tier System - upper tier is for growing wheatgrass; lower tier is for water drainage to prevent overwatering and maximize growth

Easy to use:

  • Soak 3 1/2 cups of seeds in water overnight
    (8-12 hours)
  • Place the Wheat Grass Growing System in a sunlit window, or any indirect light, or even under a flourescent light.
  • Pour 1 1/2 gallons of water in bottom tray.
  • Spread seeds out evenly in the top grow tray.
  • Plug in pre-set timer
  • In 5-8 days you will get a beautiful, fresh, full tray of wheatgrass, or sprouts of your choice.
  • When harvesting is done, simply pull off the root net from the system and begin again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does it mean to grow wheatgrass hydroponically?

Hydroponics refers to growing wheatgrass in water instead of soil. Those who research hydroponically grown plants indicate that plants that were grown in soil used most of their energy to push the roots down through the soil. When wheatgrass is grown in a water environment, all the plant energy can be directed to plant growth.

How does wheatgrass grown in water compare nutritionally with soil-grown wheatgrass?

Studies have shown that the nutrient value of wheatgrass grown hydroponically is virtually the same as wheatgrass grown in soil. In a study comparing soil grown and water grown wheatgrass, 11 important nutrients were analyzed. The conclusion was that there was no significant difference in nutrient value between wheatgrass grown in soil compared to wheatgrass grown in water. Soil vs. Non-Soil - See Test Results

Can you get more that one cutting with each seed planting?

It depends on the time of year and your location. In the spring and summer you are more likely to be able to get more than one cutting. The second and third growth will usually not produce wheatgrass as green and nutritious as the first cutting or harvest. Also if you live in states with a more moderate climate you will have more success with a second cutting.

How do you harvest the wheatgrass?

Your wheatgrass will typically be ready to harvest in 5-8 days after planting. During the spring and summer and in more moderate climate, the wheatgrass will grow faster.

To harvest simply cut the wheatgrass with scissors or a sharp knife about one inch above the seed bed. Wheatgrass will grow to a maximum height of 6-8 inches and then it will stop. The nutrient value of the wheatgrass is maximized at this height.

How do I store the cut wheatgrass?

Store the cut wheatgrass in an air-tight container in the refrigerator. It will hold its nutrient value for up to a week.

Will there be mold on my wheatgrass?

Some mold growth on wheatgrass is perfectly normal. This occurs with wheatgrass grown either in water or in soil. Growing wheatgrass in warmer climates will create more mold. If you get mold, don't panic. Simply wash the mold off under water after you have harvested and before juicing.


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